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The latest Tender documents issued by various Government Departments, Directorates, Organisations, Institutions and local bodies of India are listed here.
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1561. 20-Jan-2015 06:00 PM 12-Feb-2015 02:00 PM 12-Feb-2015 02:30 PM [ AMC for mobile trolley system as per specificationNo.APP/SPECN/01/2014 ] [ ARDE15AMT027CMSII ][2015_DoDR_269575_1] Department of Defence Research and Development      
1562. 20-Jan-2015 06:00 PM 03-Feb-2015 04:00 PM 03-Feb-2015 04:30 PM [Procurement of Praga Threadroll Machine Spares] [pk3550-pur-0254-2014-15 ][2015_WCL_269573_1] Western Coalfields Limited/WCL-Pathekhera Area      
1563. 20-Jan-2015 06:00 PM 11-Feb-2015 03:00 PM 11-Feb-2015 03:30 PM [Empanelment of Hotels] [1(401)CDAC(M)2014-15][2015_DEIT_268212_1] Department of Electronics and Information Technology(DeitY)/Centre for Development of Advanced Computing      
1564. 20-Jan-2015 06:00 PM 05-Feb-2015 02:00 PM 05-Feb-2015 02:30 PM [ Digitisation of technical documents/reports of Tech Coord Division As per Specification No ARDE/TC/DIGITIZATION-2014 ] [ ARDE15ATT188CMSII ][2015_DoDR_269581_1] Department of Defence Research and Development      
1565. 20-Jan-2015 06:00 PM 11-Feb-2015 09:00 AM 11-Feb-2015 12:00 PM [SUPPLY OF RFP-97 TOTAL SEVEN LINES.] [9BRD/LTD/TDR/97][2015_IAF_269421_1] Indian Air Force/VCAS/HQ MAINTENANCE COMMAND/9 BRD,AF STATION PUNE      
1566. 20-Jan-2015 05:55 PM 10-Feb-2015 03:15 PM 10-Feb-2015 03:30 PM [THDC/TEHRI/CMM/L/2014-15/ 17(KHEP)] [THDC/TEHRI/CMM/L/2014-15/17 (KHEP) ][2015_THDC_269634_1] THDC India Ltd./THDC-Koteshwar/C and MM (Koteshwar)      
1567. 20-Jan-2015 05:50 PM 10-Feb-2015 03:15 PM 10-Feb-2015 03:30 PM [THDC/TEHRI/CMM/L/2014-15/ 16(KHEP)] [THDC/TEHRI/CMM/L/2014-15/ 16(KHEP)][2015_THDC_269630_1] THDC India Ltd./THDC-Koteshwar/C and MM (Koteshwar)      
1568. 20-Jan-2015 05:50 PM 09-Feb-2015 11:00 AM 10-Feb-2015 12:00 PM [Procurement of Upgradation of LAN/CWN.] [4106/2/ACCT][2015_IHQA_269562_1] IHQ of MoD (Army)/ARTRAC/SFTS      
1569. 20-Jan-2015 05:30 PM 11-Feb-2015 04:10 PM 13-Feb-2015 05:00 PM [Goods Procurement] [wn4650-pur-0112e59-2014-15][2015_WCL_268734_1] Western Coalfields Limited/WCL-Wani North Area      
1570. 20-Jan-2015 05:30 PM 30-Jan-2015 03:00 PM 30-Jan-2015 03:30 PM [Plan scheme of MNOP and upgradation of Speed Post Centre 12th Plan TMO Palam New Delhi] [NIT/EEPCND/2014-15/51][2015_DOP_269628_1] Department of Posts/Dept of Posts--Civil Wing Ambala/EE Delhi      
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