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The latest FAQ'S published by various Government Departments, Directorates, Organisations, Institutions and local bodies of are listed here.
1. What is CPPP ?
2. What is the aim of CPPP ?
3. What all would be available in CPPP ?
4. What is expected out of any Government department in this portal ?
5. What is ePublishing ?
6. When is it mandatory to adopt ePublishing ?
7. What is Procurement ?
8. What is eProcurement ?
9. What is Digital Signature Certificate DSC ?
10. Why is DSC required ?
11. What are all the requirements to use CPP portal ?
12. Who will create users ?
13. What is the basic infrastructure requirement to use CPP portal ?
14. How and where do I get Help to use CPP portal ?
15. How will I get my user account created ?
16. What if my tenders are already published in ?
17. What if tenders of my department are published in our own web site ?
18. What are the steps needed to adopt eProcurement ?
19. When will one have to move to eProcurement from ePublishing ?
20. Who is a Tender Publisher ?
21. Who is a Tender Creator ?
22. Where do I find training materials or user manuals ?
23. What is meant by role ?
24. Who is a Nodal Officer ?
25. What kind of training support can be expected ?
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