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General Queries

It indicates the following

  • If its over any chart. It means the user needs to click on it to further drill down into the charts.
  • The chart icon that has been so clicked provides further information into the description
  • If the icon appears over any pie/donut type chart. It may/may not have a drilldown . Since the API incorporated comes with the default form of the icon over these charts

They are the menu icons which when clicked would make the user traverse through all the chart types they want to see

If clicked on, it provides a zoomed in description of each chart for the user to properly see the intricacies of the chart which might not be visible otherwise

It indicates the different states for which the corresponding charts will be rendered

If the icon is hovered upon, a tool tip denoting the chart type appears and on further clicking it that chart type is demonstrated

The panel details change adhering to the organization to which they are drilled down to

It is for pushing and pulling the side navigation menu as required when needed