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The eProcurement System of India enables the Tenderers to download the Tender Schedule free of cost and then submit the bids online through this portal.
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Latest Tenders  
Tender Title Reference No Closing Date Bid Opening Date
1. M/o Yamuna Sports Complex, DDA NIQ 02/YSC/DDA/2021-22 13-Dec-2021 03:00 PM 15-Dec-2021 11:00 AM
2. Replacement of decayed doors and windows in some of the AP,L,AL, CLIII, B and MS type (Total -20Nos of staff qtrs.) and internal painting works of L-46, CLIII-31A and staircase area of MS block2 in NITK Tender No.10 of 2021-22/HD 15-Dec-2021 03:00 PM 16-Dec-2021 03:30 PM
3. Khaju/SR/Kandariya Mahadev Temple/2021-22-C Khaju/SR/Kandariya Mahadev Temple/2021-22-C 25-Dec-2021 10:00 AM 27-Dec-2021 11:00 AM
4. TENDER FOR ANNUAL REPAIR OF ROAD CUTS/TRENCHES RAMPS DURING THE YEAR 2021-22 164/E-5/CFRW/2021-22 28-Dec-2021 03:00 PM 29-Dec-2021 04:00 PM
5. HWPM/CIVIL/COL/NIT/2021/56 HWPM/CIVIL/COL/NIT/2021/56 18-Dec-2021 06:00 PM 24-Dec-2021 02:30 PM
6. TENDER FOR ANNUAL WHITE WASHING / COLOUR WASHING / PAINTING DURING THE YEAR 2021-22 164/E-5/CFW/2021-22 28-Dec-2021 03:00 PM 29-Dec-2021 04:00 PM
7. procurement of medicines AR/MMP/233/1000056833/F 20-Dec-2021 03:00 PM 21-Dec-2021 03:00 PM
8. Supply and Installation of YIG Microsphere IISER/PUR/1220/RP/SP/21-22 20-Dec-2021 03:00 PM 21-Dec-2021 03:30 PM
9. Zinc sulphate Heptahydrate 21 percentage Zn 10 KG BAGS 1000 NOS 2-1/(99)2020-21/sp 27-Dec-2021 11:00 AM 28-Dec-2021 11:10 AM
10. Interior works for Operation Theatres at Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, 530053 HBCHRC/Civil/2021-22/NIT/03 Dated 03/12/2021 27-Dec-2021 03:00 PM 04-Jan-2022 11:30 AM
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Latest Corrigendums
Corrigendum Title Reference No Closing Date Bid Opening Date
1. Corrigendum No.05- Tender CP26/ARE02 CMRL/PHII/SYS/CP26/ARE02/2021 23-Dec-2021 01:00 PM 23-Dec-2021 03:00 PM
2. Reply to Pre bid querries 2021-22/WD-VII(NH)/PWD/ASW/15 dt 20.09.2021 10-Dec-2021 05:00 PM 13-Dec-2021 11:00 AM
3. Corrigendum V 2021-22/WD-VII(NH)/PWD/ASW/15 dt 20.09.2021 10-Dec-2021 05:00 PM 13-Dec-2021 11:00 AM
4. Pre-Bid Meeting 2021_SOI_ANGDC_1 06-Jan-2022 11:00 AM 07-Jan-2022 11:30 AM
5. Bid Auto Extn Corrigendum IIIT-A/SP/91-II / 1391 / 2021 11-Dec-2021 12:00 PM 13-Dec-2021 04:00 PM
6. Addendum-1 OEM-TR-02 13-Dec-2021 02:00 PM 14-Dec-2021 02:30 PM
7. Corrigendum Notice IISER-K/IWD/Elect./ Fire Alarm/21-22/18 11-Dec-2021 06:00 PM 14-Dec-2021 10:00 AM
8. Corrigendum RFP NO.01/EE/RMD-1/DDA/2020-21 28-Jan-2022 03:00 PM 29-Jan-2022 03:30 PM
9. Corrigendum 2 6695-PPM-G00-EC-0092 13-Dec-2021 03:00 PM 16-Dec-2021 04:00 PM
10. Finance Bid DCI/TECH/120 /12/2021-22 10-Dec-2021 11:00 AM 10-Dec-2021 11:30 AM
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