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The latest Tender documents issued by various Government Departments, Directorates, Organisations, Institutions and local bodies of eProcure are listed here.
S.No e-Published Date Bid Submission Closing Date Tender Opening Date Title and Ref.No./Tender ID Organisation Chain
1. 24-May-2017 03:20 PM 31-May-2017 09:00 AM 31-May-2017 09:05 AM [Buy medicines ] [MS/711/DGLP/RE(E- Pro)/07/CAT I MED/17-18 ][2017_IHQ_205588_1] IHQ of MoD (Army)-(OSCC)||Western Comd-IHQ of MoD (Army)-(OSCC)||CORPS 3-Western Comd-IHQ of MoD (Army)-(OSCC)||MED UNIT 4-IHQ of MoD (Army)
2. 24-May-2017 03:20 PM 08-Jun-2017 02:00 PM 09-Jun-2017 02:00 PM [Outsourcing of services of Safaiwala/Photocopier/Office CareTaker ] [HK/FCI/DO/BND/12-13/Contract Labour][2017_FCI_206212_1] Food Corporation of India||Regional Office,Arunanchal Pradesh,FCI,MFPD||DO-Papumpare-Banderdewa_AP_FCI
3. 24-May-2017 03:20 PM 08-Jun-2017 10:30 AM 08-Jun-2017 11:30 AM [BIENNIAL RATE CONTRACT FOR BINDING OF BOOKS AND RECORDS AT RCF, THAL] [TH/MES/SMD/17/D12/184 DATED 24/05/2017][2017_RCFL_206213_1] Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd.||IT,RCFLTD,MCF
4. 24-May-2017 03:15 PM 31-May-2017 10:30 AM 31-May-2017 11:30 AM [AD-55519 FOR SUPPLY OF FLAT JET NOZZLES] [AD-55519 FOR SUPPLY OF FLAT JET NOZZLES.][2017_RCFL_206239_1] Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd.||IT,RCFLTD,MCF
5. 24-May-2017 03:05 PM 12-Jun-2017 03:00 PM 13-Jun-2017 03:05 PM [PROVIDING, LAYING AND COMPACTION OF WMM 100 MM, WMM 75 MM, DBM 95 MM, AND BC 40 MM THICK, ROAD MARKING WITH HOT APPLIED THERMOPLASTIC COMPOUND AS PER IRC 35 AND OVER HEAD GANTRY BETWEEN KM 430.00 TO 434.500 AND KM 438.93 to 446.00 ON ROAD R-J-M] [80260/PL/21 TF/Km 430to434pt50 and 438pt93to446/E8][2017_BRO_205791_1] Border Roads Organisation||HQ CE(P) Shivalik(Rishikesh),BRO,MORTH
6. 24-May-2017 03:00 PM 14-Jun-2017 11:00 AM 14-Jun-2017 11:30 AM [R2/1310-000426 Clip Carts ] [PGD/R2/03/PC/16-17/LP][2017_IHQ_202552_1] IHQ of MoD (Army)-(OSCC)||MGO BR-IHQ of MoD (Army)-(OSCC)||CENTRAL DEPOTS-MGO BR-IHQ of MoD (Army)-(OSCC)||CAD PULGAON-CENTRAL DEPOTS-MGO BR-IHQ of MoD
7. 24-May-2017 03:00 PM 09-Jun-2017 05:00 PM 13-Jun-2017 12:00 PM [DEMOLITION AND RECONSTRUCTION OF PUBLIC TOILET BLOCK IN GADIADDA NEAR KCB QTRS WARD NO. I (VII CALL)] [4/1-D/KCB/GADIADDA TOILET/VII CALL][2017_DGDE_206173_1] Dir. Gen. Defence Estates,HQ||Southern Command,DGDE||Cantt. Board,Kirkee,DGDE,SC
8. 24-May-2017 03:00 PM 17-Jun-2017 05:00 PM 20-Jun-2017 11:00 AM [Purchas of Electronics Trainer kit] [ESTC/SP/NC/2(5)/2017-18/63][2017_DC_206216_1] Development Commissioner(MSME)||HQ DC-MSME(Delhi)||SENET - DC-MSME
9. 24-May-2017 03:00 PM 14-Jun-2017 10:30 AM 15-Jun-2017 11:00 AM [Outsourcing of Manpower] [B-2/9/OS/2017-18 dtd. 24.05.2017][2017_DOP_206171_1] Department of Posts||Assam Circle,POST||Chief Postamster General,Assam Circle,Guwahati||Sr. Supt. RMS GH Division,Guwahati,POST
10. 24-May-2017 03:00 PM 14-Jun-2017 05:00 PM 19-Jun-2017 03:00 PM [Annual Maintenance of Generator, Turbine, Guide Vanes and its Auxiliaries 2017-18 of Loktak Power Station ] [NH/LOK/PROC/36/76/2017-18/07][2017_NHPC_206023_1] NHPC Limited||Loktak power station-NHPC
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