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Latest Tenders  
Tender Title Reference No Closing Date Bid Opening Date
1. Work contract for hiring of expert s supervisory service for ESP of unit 1 during AOH FY 24 25 at 2x600 MW,SSTPP, MPPGCL,Dongalia. WE-2268 12-Oct-2023 03:30 PM 12-Oct-2023 04:00 PM
3. GeM bid for engagement of consulting firm for exploring new business GEM/2023/B/3874418 04-Oct-2023 03:00 PM 04-Oct-2023 03:30 PM
4. Assistance in annual overhaul testing work of unit -1 (2x600 MW) of SSTPP, MPPGCL, Dongalia as per detailed scope of work. WE-2272 13-Oct-2023 03:30 PM 13-Oct-2023 04:00 PM
5. Work contract for transportation of MS Plates from SSTPP Dongalia for bending work at STPS Sarni and get back to SSTPP Dongalia and assistance in cutting and bending of plates at STPS Sarni. . WE-2270 10-Oct-2023 03:30 PM 10-Oct-2023 04:00 PM
6. Providing Housekeeping Services at IIIT Nagpur GEM/2023/B/3992168 06-Oct-2023 05:00 PM 06-Oct-2023 05:30 PM
7. Enquiry for Repairing of old floating boat at Ash dyke-II at SGTPS MPPGCL Birsinghpur 834 03-Oct-2023 03:30 PM 03-Oct-2023 04:00 PM
8. ITI/MSP-C/EOI-20/2023-24 ITI/MSP-C/EOI-20/2023-24 10-Oct-2023 03:00 PM 10-Oct-2023 03:30 PM
9. Robowars Arena for Rent 18/NITK/DSW/ENGINEER/2023-24 30-Sep-2023 03:00 PM 30-Sep-2023 03:30 PM
10. Enquiry for Annual maintenance contract for two years (24 months) of OTIS make passenger Elevator Machine N0. F-009480 2x45 MW RABS HPSMPPGCL Barginagar. AMC of OTIS make passanger at Barginagar 19-Oct-2023 01:00 PM 19-Oct-2023 03:00 PM
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Latest Corrigendums
Corrigendum Title Reference No Closing Date Bid Opening Date
1. Extension of Bid Submission Timeline ICAT/T/PE/BP/2023-24/84 06-Oct-2023 05:00 PM 10-Oct-2023 03:00 PM
2. 1st DUE DATE EXTENTION PE-113 05-Oct-2023 03:00 PM 06-Oct-2023 03:30 PM
3. Pre bid query response and corrigendum GEM 2023 B 3882257 Date 28/08/2023 29-Sep-2023 04:00 PM 29-Sep-2023 04:30 PM
4. TNO48_Sept23_SBU-II1 BR/51222/HIRE/EXCAVATOR/ NIT/02 28-Sep-2023 06:55 PM 29-Sep-2023 06:55 PM
5. TNO49_Sept23_SBU-II1 BR/71120/HIRE/EXCAVATOR/ 03 29-Sep-2023 06:55 PM 30-Sep-2023 06:55 PM
6. link for Pre Bid Meeting for the Tender NTC/012990 04-Oct-2023 04:00 PM 04-Oct-2023 04:30 PM
7. Corrigendum-IV MTO/G/607-I/MHC 26-Oct-2023 03:00 PM 26-Oct-2023 03:30 PM
8. TNO47_Sept23_SBU-VII1 BR/TY/40089/NIT/GEN CIVIL WORKS 29-Sep-2023 06:55 PM 30-Sep-2023 06:55 PM
9. TNO45_Sept23_SBU-VII1 BANDR/COIT/40089/NIT/KAMPER 29-Sep-2023 06:55 PM 30-Sep-2023 06:55 PM
10. Corrigendum-I PCD-2841 28-Sep-2023 01:00 PM 28-Sep-2023 02:00 PM
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