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Latest Tenders  
Tender Title Reference No Closing Date Bid Opening Date
1. Dewatering of around 3,00,000 (Three Lakh ) Cu.m of water from Duarsini quarry of M/s. B.S.L. Co. Ltd., Birmitrapur and discharge in a specified spot at about 150 Mtrs away within mining area. BSLC/M/Dewater/2022-23/Job No 09 29/09/22 15-Oct-2022 04:00 PM 15-Oct-2022 04:30 PM
2. Offline tender for supply of Flavored Soya Milk to Ashok Hotel, New Delhi MMD/FS/SM//2022-23 10-Oct-2022 03:00 PM 10-Oct-2022 03:30 PM
3. Six civil works na3210-civ-q-03-2022-23 05-Oct-2022 03:00 PM 06-Oct-2022 03:30 PM
4. Operating of Canteen DSW/3148/22 17-Oct-2022 05:00 PM 18-Oct-2022 03:00 PM
5. Lifting lowering repairing of submersible pump including repairing of pipe line network at Pauni II Expn OCM under PSA 3rd call ba3619-civ-03-2022-23 07-Oct-2022 12:30 PM 08-Oct-2022 12:45 PM
6. SUPPLY OF ZERO GRAVITY PNEUMATIC HMTL/MTH/4SMC53000921(0072) 11-Oct-2022 02:00 PM 11-Oct-2022 02:00 PM
7. Execution of washroom repair works for arresting of waste water SMR/CE3/VIZ/GN028/2022-23 11-Oct-2022 04:30 PM 12-Oct-2022 10:30 AM
8. Supply of MS square pipes at CONCOR ICD-TNPM CON/T/A-IV/Metal pipes/2022 06-Oct-2022 03:00 PM 06-Oct-2022 03:30 PM
9. Visiting and Inspection Charges for Repair and Service of MTS Structural Actuator System A3(12147)2022/PUR 06-Oct-2022 02:00 PM 06-Oct-2022 02:30 PM
10. Room-temperature FMR spectrometer UH/SP/VG/IoE/FMR/2022/2 14-Oct-2022 05:00 PM 17-Oct-2022 02:00 PM
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Latest Corrigendums
Corrigendum Title Reference No Closing Date Bid Opening Date
1. Addendum No. 06 dated 29 Sep 2022 DGSB/DB-04/04 OF 2022 02-Nov-2022 03:00 PM 02-Nov-2022 03:30 PM
2. Corrigendum 02 NBCC/ SBG(South)/Defence land Dwd/2022/18 04-Oct-2022 11:00 AM 04-Oct-2022 11:30 AM
3. Addendum 1 11.80.Q7QW/SMS Water System/017 11-Oct-2022 03:00 PM 11-Oct-2022 04:00 PM
4. Extension of date till 5.00 pm on 31.10.2022 Y-13/77/2022-9132923 31-Oct-2022 05:00 PM 01-Nov-2022 02:30 PM
5. Date Corrigendum 3 KMRL/O and M/MMT/2022-23/29 12-Oct-2022 04:00 PM 14-Oct-2022 03:00 PM
6. Addendum - 2 11.51.Q7PD/Civil_TRH/008A 07-Oct-2022 03:30 PM 07-Oct-2022 04:00 PM
7. Date Corrigendum 3 KMRL/O and M/OSC/CTR/2022-23/07 10-Oct-2022 04:00 PM 12-Oct-2022 02:30 PM
8. Extend of due date 11.74.IT/ Lumion and Sketchup software /039 06-Oct-2022 04:00 PM 06-Oct-2022 04:30 PM
9. DUE DATE EXTENSION ENQ 30 AE(SY)/22-23/743 06-Oct-2022 04:00 PM 07-Oct-2022 06:00 PM
10. CORRIGENDUM-1 TOOLING/Aug-2022/001 07-Oct-2022 01:15 PM 07-Oct-2022 02:00 PM
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