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Latest Tenders  
Tender Title Reference No Closing Date Bid Opening Date
1. ITI/MKTG/MSP/HYD/2023/VPA/7506 ITI/MKTG/MSP/HYD/2023/VPA/7506 17-Feb-2023 11:00 AM 17-Feb-2023 11:30 AM
2. Enquiry for Procurement of A-4 Size paper for official use at O/o S.E.(MM)-II, 2x660 MW MPPGCL, Dongalia. PE-1896 14-Feb-2023 03:30 PM 14-Feb-2023 04:00 PM
3. MICRO-PIV SYSTEM ME/ASHIS/08/IOE23/MICROPIVSYS 21-Feb-2023 03:00 PM 22-Feb-2023 03:00 PM
4. RF POWER AMPLIFIER ME/ASHIS/07/IOE23/RFPOWERAM 21-Feb-2023 03:00 PM 22-Feb-2023 03:00 PM
5. E1TICD/TEC/RST/2023/E74771 E1TICD/TEC/RST/6/2023/E74771 16-Feb-2023 05:00 PM 17-Feb-2023 04:00 PM
6. Procurement of Fin Welding Material for Boiler Tubes and S.S. Plate/ Rod along with Nut- Bolt for Superheater/Reheater Coil Alignment and Boiler Expansion Indicator Assembly for Boiler Unit 1 and 2 , 2x600 MW, SSTPP, Stage-I, MPPGCL, Dongalia. PE-1978 22-Feb-2023 03:30 PM 22-Feb-2023 04:00 PM
7. Enquiry for maintenance of OTIS elevator installed at Forebay of 3x105 MW,THPS-I,Sirmour. 91-84/PNW/W/2859 21-Feb-2023 03:30 PM 21-Feb-2023 04:00 PM
8. Conduct and Processing of OMR based Recruitment Examinations On behalf of Central Academy for State Forest Service (CASFOS) Coimbatore CASFOS/REC/01/2023 23-Feb-2023 05:00 PM 24-Feb-2023 11:00 AM
9. Procurement of Spares SWARNA GANGA S702S231135 01-Mar-2023 05:00 PM 01-Mar-2023 05:30 PM
10. QUOTATION FOR FOB SUPPLY OF LEAD ACID BATTERY AT FUJAIRAH P and S/PK/STORES/2023/RFX 9000039782 09-Feb-2023 12:00 PM 09-Feb-2023 12:05 PM
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Latest Corrigendums
Corrigendum Title Reference No Closing Date Bid Opening Date
1. Pre Bid Meeting DCIL/IWD/NW 2 AND NW 31/2023 21-Feb-2023 03:00 PM 21-Feb-2023 03:30 PM
2. Corrigendum 1 KMRL/PROC/TENDER/2022-23/168 22-Feb-2023 05:00 PM 24-Feb-2023 03:00 PM
3. 2023_CONCR_698078_1 CON/TECH/TKD/WGN/MIG HIR/E72921 09-Feb-2023 01:00 PM 09-Feb-2023 04:00 PM
4. Technical _Corrigendum ID-1532-PR-60002571 14-Feb-2023 05:00 PM 16-Feb-2023 10:00 AM
5. Corrigendum II GEM 2023 B 3006156 16-Feb-2023 03:00 PM 16-Feb-2023 03:30 PM
6. Corrigendum I GEM 2023 B 3006156 16-Feb-2023 03:00 PM 16-Feb-2023 03:30 PM
7. Corrigendum-1 NIC/IT/RFP/03/2023/ Server Upgradation at 24-Feb-2023 01:00 PM 24-Feb-2023 03:00 PM
8. Corrigendum extending last date for tender for supply and installation of garden lights at HCI property Lus/Adm/872/08/2021 20-Feb-2023 06:00 PM 20-Feb-2023 06:00 PM
9. Corrigendum-1 29-47-TA-UPS System-452 14-Feb-2023 04:00 PM 14-Feb-2023 04:30 PM
10. Date Corrigendum Second ID-1494-PR-60002491 17-Feb-2023 05:00 PM 20-Feb-2023 02:00 PM
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