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Latest Tenders  
Tender Title Reference No Closing Date Bid Opening Date
1. Establishment, Operation, Maintenance, and Comprehensive Management of a Food Court on a Lease and License basis in the Himalaya Mess Building (Ground Floor) in the Hostel Zone of IIT Madras CMGFS/2/2023 05-Oct-2023 03:00 PM 05-Oct-2023 03:15 PM
2. SITC of battery and charger for DC supply of controlling system of HT panel installed in electrical substations at IISER Bhopal IWD/SE/NIQ/2023-24/597 DATED 21.09.2023 29-Sep-2023 03:00 PM 29-Sep-2023 03:30 PM
3. E1TICD TEC PURC/55/2023/E78131 E1TICD TEC PURC/55/2023/E78131 28-Sep-2023 05:00 PM 29-Sep-2023 04:10 PM
4. Providing and fixing frosted or vinyl films in the toilet and corridor windows of hostel 5 in IISER Bhopal IWD/SE/NIQ/2023-24/595 DATED 20.09.2023 27-Sep-2023 03:00 PM 27-Sep-2023 03:30 PM
5. 1 Cleaning of road side berms for light vehicle road at MKD-I OC Mine of Umrer Sub Area. 2 Cleaning and white washing of Sprinklers tank and sedimentation tank at MKD-I OCM of Umrer Sub Area. um-4501-civ-0006-2023-24 26-Sep-2023 11:30 AM 26-Sep-2023 12:00 PM
6. FMLM eReverse Auction JNPT 2023 24 76b FMLM eReverse Auction JNPT 2023 24 76b 22-Sep-2023 05:00 PM 22-Sep-2023 05:00 PM
7. KHDB/HZA/2023-24/4 KHDB/HZA/2023-24/4 22-Sep-2023 04:00 PM 22-Sep-2023 05:00 PM
8. KHDB/KDLP/2023-24/4 KHDB/KDLP/2023-24/4 22-Sep-2023 12:00 PM 22-Sep-2023 01:00 PM
9. Medicines on Desh Ujaala at Qatar P and S/CP/ GSTR/2023/9000042430 22-Sep-2023 03:30 PM 22-Sep-2023 03:45 PM
10. Procurement of Chemical Products CDFD/PUR/2023-24/IND19334 28-Sep-2023 11:00 AM 28-Sep-2023 11:30 AM
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Latest Corrigendums
Corrigendum Title Reference No Closing Date Bid Opening Date
1. TNO48_Sept23_SBU-II1 BR/51222/HIRE/EXCAVATOR/ NIT/02 28-Sep-2023 06:55 PM 29-Sep-2023 06:55 PM
2. TNO49_Sept23_SBU-II1 BR/71120/HIRE/EXCAVATOR/ 03 29-Sep-2023 06:55 PM 30-Sep-2023 06:55 PM
3. link for Pre Bid Meeting for the Tender NTC/012990 04-Oct-2023 04:00 PM 04-Oct-2023 04:30 PM
4. Corrigendum-IV MTO/G/607-I/MHC 26-Oct-2023 03:00 PM 26-Oct-2023 03:30 PM
5. TNO47_Sept23_SBU-VII1 BR/TY/40089/NIT/GEN CIVIL WORKS 29-Sep-2023 06:55 PM 30-Sep-2023 06:55 PM
6. TNO45_Sept23_SBU-VII1 BANDR/COIT/40089/NIT/KAMPER 29-Sep-2023 06:55 PM 30-Sep-2023 06:55 PM
7. Corrigendum-I PCD-2841 28-Sep-2023 01:00 PM 28-Sep-2023 02:00 PM
8. LABORATORY FILTER PAPERS OPENING DATE EXTENSION FROM 21 SEP 2023 TO 25 SEP 2023 GEM/2023/B/3887055/B8 25-Sep-2023 05:00 PM 25-Sep-2023 05:30 PM
9. Corrigendum No. 3 SRO/CON/ETS/169 Dtd 12.08.2023 03-Oct-2023 03:00 PM 03-Oct-2023 03:30 PM
10. EXTENSION OF TENDER DATE UCSL/MAT/2023-24/317 30-Sep-2023 03:30 PM 30-Sep-2023 04:00 PM
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