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Latest Tenders  
Tender Title Reference No Closing Date Bid Opening Date
1. Electrical Works 11.51. 027U/ Electrical Works/ Pkg. E1-002/ 016 13-Aug-2021 11:00 AM 13-Aug-2021 12:00 PM
2. Repair and Maintenance works for arresting seepage of roof of ET Hostel, Little Flower school and North Block society at Donimalai Township CE/W/13(566)/2019 Dated 28.07.2021 02-Sep-2021 03:00 PM 02-Sep-2021 03:30 PM
3. Conducting Structural Stability Examination for the Units-1, 2, 3, 4 and 7 boilers of 210 MW of TPS-II GM/Contracts/Thermal/ 3855-TS2/Safety/LTE/ 2021 22 05-Aug-2021 02:30 PM 05-Aug-2021 03:00 PM
4. Providing, Supplying and fixing of Granite and Counter wash basin at Residential Colony, DC-5, Gandhidham NIT/DDG/2021-22/03 10-Aug-2021 03:00 PM 10-Aug-2021 04:00 PM
5. Selection of Advertising Agency for media release KMRL/PROC/TENDER/2021-22/025 16-Aug-2021 03:00 PM 18-Aug-2021 03:30 PM
6. Enquiry of work contract for hiring of one No. Car Tata Indica or equivalent model 2018 or onwards Exshowroom for official duty of Chief Chemist at ATPS MPPGCL Chachai for monthly running of 2000 Kms. WE-07/1032 23-Aug-2021 03:00 PM 23-Aug-2021 04:00 PM
7. Enquiry for repairing/maintenance of existing WBM road from booster pump house to barge at ash dyke phase-II at SGTPS, Birsinghpur. E-75/217 18-Aug-2021 03:30 PM 18-Aug-2021 04:00 PM
8. Advertising work on DAVP rates. 1/2021-22/Adm. 23-Aug-2021 05:00 PM 24-Aug-2021 11:00 AM
9. Hiring of one No. 14 Ton or above capacity crane along with crane operator for loading, unloading, shifting and stacking of all type of heavy materials at (OnM) Store-I and II, SGTPS, MPPGCL, Birsinghpur as per attached detailed shedule Enq.- 11 / 989 11-Aug-2021 03:30 PM 11-Aug-2021 04:00 PM
10. Hiring ot Tug PMB_Tender_7074 31-Aug-2021 03:00 PM 31-Aug-2021 04:00 PM
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Latest Corrigendums
Corrigendum Title Reference No Closing Date Bid Opening Date
1. Corrigendum2 Pre-Plac.-Training/2021-22/03 07-Aug-2021 03:00 PM 09-Aug-2021 03:30 PM
2. Corrigendum2 SITC-SMART-CLASS/2021-22/04 05-Aug-2021 03:00 PM 06-Aug-2021 03:30 PM
3. Corrigendum in the Tender document CAI/CHA/551/11/2020 16-Aug-2021 05:30 PM 17-Aug-2021 03:00 PM
4. Corrigendum No.3 dated 03.08.2021 HO(Contracts)/NISP/OM/PBS/785 Dated 1/07/2021 10-Aug-2021 03:00 PM 10-Aug-2021 03:30 PM
5. Corrigendum -1 CON/F-CS/Disinvest/2021-22/01 11-Aug-2021 03:00 PM 12-Aug-2021 03:30 PM
6. Addendum No 1 PSB/HOIT/RFP/161/2021-22 13-Aug-2021 03:00 PM 13-Aug-2021 04:00 PM
7. Replies to Pre Bid Queries E/T-19/Pneumatic Fenders Buoys/2021-M 11-Aug-2021 03:00 PM 11-Aug-2021 03:30 PM
8. Corrigendum on extension of ToD and reply on clarification of FOS of 30 MAFI sys AIR HQ/70958/54/GL (LGS) 17-Aug-2021 05:00 PM 18-Aug-2021 11:00 AM
9. Corrigendum3 05/51/23V5/BGCL/001-ii-02 10-Aug-2021 03:30 PM 10-Aug-2021 03:50 PM
10. CORRIGENDUM 21 KMRL/PRJ/ DnP/128/ 2020/KBPMC-01 28-Aug-2021 05:00 PM 01-Sep-2021 03:30 PM
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