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S.No e-Published Date Bid Submission Closing Date Tender Opening Date Title and Ref.No./Tender Id Organisation Chain View NIT
1. 23-Feb-2017 01:00 PM 06-Mar-2017 03:00 PM 06-Mar-2017 03:30 PM [Replacement of Two Nos. pumps in Olinda Colony at Bhakra Dam.] [86/BDD/2017][2017_BBMB_194529_1] Bhakra Beas Management Board  
2. 22-Feb-2017 03:30 PM 20-Mar-2017 03:00 PM 20-Mar-2017 03:30 PM [Supply of Turbine oil Servo Prime -57 and VG-46 for BBMB PW as a whole through e tendering for the year 2016-17.] [05/2016-17 BBMB, Panipat Date 17/02/2017][2017_BBMB_194234_1] Bhakra Beas Management Board  
3. 21-Feb-2017 09:00 AM 08-Mar-2017 10:00 AM 08-Mar-2017 11:00 AM [OUTSOURCING OF SERVICES] [38W/1140/1/AS DATED 14 FEB 17][2017_IAF_193311_1] Indian Air Force||VCAS||HQ CENTRAL AIR COMMAND||AF STN BAKSHI KA TALAB, LUCKNOW  
4. 20-Feb-2017 10:00 AM 14-Mar-2017 12:30 PM 14-Mar-2017 03:30 PM [Crane Polyster Selings for E and M Deptt] [JRD/PUR/OTE/16042/16-17/823][2017_NCL_193216_1] Northern Coalfields Limited||Jhingurda Project||Material Management  
5. 17-Feb-2017 06:00 PM 28-Feb-2017 03:00 PM 28-Feb-2017 03:30 PM [Maintenance of RCC Overhead water Tank at PTC Compound Saharanpur] [09/AE/PCSD/BLY /2016-17][2017_DOP_192795_1] Department of Posts||Dept of Posts-Circle UP||BAREILLY||Bareilly  
6. 17-Feb-2017 05:00 PM 15-Mar-2017 03:00 PM 17-Mar-2017 11:00 AM [Request for Proposal for Content generation and maintenance of for India Brand Equity Foundation] [KC/17/2/2017][2017_IBEF_192807_1] India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF)||IBEF Office Gurgaon  
7. 17-Feb-2017 04:00 PM 17-Mar-2017 10:00 AM 17-Mar-2017 10:30 AM [METAL ADDITIVE RAPID PROTOTYPING FACILITY] [DRDL/32/07P/14/0726/CMM-I][2017_DoDR_192814_1] Department of Defence Research and Development  
8. 16-Feb-2017 06:00 PM 22-Feb-2017 03:00 PM 22-Feb-2017 03:30 PM [Provision of ladies toilet at 2nd floor P.O. Building Patna City under Patna Division.] [93/16-17/PCSD-II/PT][2017_DOP_192516_1] Department of Posts||Dept of Posts-Circle Orissa||BHUBANESWAR HQ  
9. 16-Feb-2017 05:00 PM 21-Feb-2017 03:00 PM 21-Feb-2017 03:30 PM [Providing Vitrified flooring tiles in Dinning hall, Pantry Entrance and Kitchens of Ganguwal Rest House] [2/2017/NDD Nangal][2017_BBMB_192488_1] Bhakra Beas Management Board  
10. 16-Feb-2017 05:00 PM 25-Feb-2017 11:00 AM 25-Feb-2017 11:30 AM [Conducting Topographical site survey for proposed Construction of Infrastructure in respect of 6th Reserve Battalion CISF Goa] [113/17][2017_NBCC_192445_1] National Buildings Construction Corporation Limited  
11. 16-Feb-2017 04:30 PM 28-Feb-2017 02:00 PM 28-Feb-2017 03:00 PM [Tender for printing and supply of books] [VP/19/14/Print/16-17][2017_MST_192448_1] Department of Science and Technology||Vigyan Prasar  
12. 15-Feb-2017 05:45 PM 08-Mar-2017 03:00 PM 08-Mar-2017 03:45 PM [RENOVATION OF CONFERENCE HALL AT FIRST FLOOR, ESTATE OFFICE, BHEL TOWNSHIP, SECTOR-17, NOIDA] [46-AA-NOI-ADMN-Conference Hall-112-2016-17][2017_BHEL_192128_1] Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited||BHEL-Corporate Office, New Delhi||Township  
13. 15-Feb-2017 05:30 PM 08-Mar-2017 03:00 PM 08-Mar-2017 03:30 PM [RENOVATION OF WASHROOMS AT FIRST FLOOR, ESTATE OFFICE, BHEL TOWNSHIP, SECTOR-17, NOIDA] [45-AA-NOI-ADMN-Washroom-FF-112-2016-17][2017_BHEL_192118_1] Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited||BHEL-Corporate Office, New Delhi||Township  
14. 14-Feb-2017 10:45 AM 18-Feb-2017 11:00 AM 18-Feb-2017 12:00 PM [LP of Portable Gen Set 15 KVA] [505002/ACG/Accts][2017_IHQA_191497_1] IHQ of MoD (Army)||2 CORPS||E DIV  
15. 13-Feb-2017 06:00 PM 28-Feb-2017 11:00 AM 28-Feb-2017 11:30 AM [ARC for Photocopying, Spiral / Spico Binding etc. ] [02_09_167_I_16_17_PRN_dated_07_02_2017 ][2017_PFCL_190871_2] Power Finance Corporation Limited||PFC-Corporate Head Office||Management System  
16. 13-Feb-2017 06:00 PM 27-Feb-2017 03:00 PM 27-Feb-2017 03:00 PM [SUPPLY OF MOTOROLA XiR P8600 2 NOS OF VHF SETS ALONG WITH ACCESSORIES AND AMMENDMENT IN LICENSE AT BPCL KONDAPALLI TOP] [1000274570][2017_BPCL_191214_1] Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited||RETAIL (LOG)||RETAIL (LOG)-SR  
17. 11-Feb-2017 09:00 AM 08-Mar-2017 02:00 PM 08-Mar-2017 03:00 PM [CONSULTANCY SERVICES TO CERSAI FOR SELECTING A SERVICE PROVIDER TO IMPLEMENT AND MANAGE THE CENTRAL REGISTRY IT SYSTEM] [CERSAI/RFP/2017-181][2017_CRSAI_190773_1] Central Registry of Securitisation Asset Reconstruction and Security Interest of India(CERSAI)  
18. 10-Feb-2017 06:45 PM 17-Feb-2017 03:00 PM 17-Feb-2017 03:30 PM [Upkeepment work of P.A. Sub Post office Shirpur ] [NIT-26 (2)/EEP/NGP/2016-17][2017_DOP_190869_1] Department of Posts||Dept of Posts-Civil Wing Mumbai||EE Nagpur  
19. 10-Feb-2017 06:30 PM 17-Feb-2017 03:00 PM 17-Feb-2017 03:30 PM [Provision of profile sheet cladding on the roof of RO office at Shankarnagar Nagpur] [NIT-26/EEP/NGP/2016-17][2017_DOP_190863_1] Department of Posts||Dept of Posts-Civil Wing Mumbai||EE Nagpur  
20. 10-Feb-2017 05:00 PM 23-Feb-2017 03:00 PM 23-Feb-2017 04:00 PM [Construction of Boundary Wall at Ancient Site Asurgarh Fort at Boudh District Kalahandi Odisha] [TCIL/CIVIL/CPD/ASI/2017/07][2017_TCIL_190766_1] Telecommunications Consultants India Limited||Telecom. Consultants India Ltd.-Information Technology and Networing Division  
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