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S.No e-Published Date Bid Submission Closing Date Tender Opening Date Title and Ref.No./Tender ID Organisation Chain
1. 25-May-2024 09:00 AM 28-May-2024 03:30 PM 28-May-2024 04:00 PM [Supply Installation Testing Commissioning And Maintenance Of Computers Hardware Software Networking Peripherals And Services Of The Various Units Of Malabar Regional Co Operative Milk Producers Union Limited Under Union Gok Goi Scheme] [RCIL/SR/ERS/2024-25/EOI/3 DTD. 24-05-2024][2024_RTCIL_757615_1] Rail Tel Corporation of India Ltd
2. 13-May-2024 05:15 PM 28-May-2024 03:30 PM 28-May-2024 04:00 PM [AMC for Operation and Maintenance of firefighting and fire alarm system Installed at ICD/KHDB (Khodiyar) Gandhinagar, Gujarat] [CON/CO/AHMD CLUSTER /AREA-II/FF/OM/ICD/KHDB/24][2024_CONCR_756224_1] Container Corporation of India Limited
3. 08-May-2024 12:30 PM 28-May-2024 03:30 PM 28-May-2024 03:30 PM [SUPPLY OF ANCHOR AND ANCHOR CHAIN FOR Y165-170] [UCSL/MAT/PROJ/2024-25/1049 dt 08.05.2024][2024_CSL_755667_1] Cochin Shipyard Limited||ISD-CSL
4. 17-May-2024 04:00 PM 28-May-2024 03:30 PM 28-May-2024 03:30 PM [TENDER FOR SURFACE PREPARATION AND PAINTING OF 3800 DWT GENERAL CARGO VESSEL] [UCSL/CC/T/W/024 Dt 17th May 2024][2024_CSL_756802_1] Cochin Shipyard Limited||ISD-CSL
5. 18-May-2024 12:00 PM 28-May-2024 04:00 PM 28-May-2024 04:30 PM [Shifting of waste material by mecH means for providing site of new LT room near 5no pit at SP Mine] [SP/MINING/24-25/186 DT-17/05/2024][2024_MOIL_756920_1] MOIL Limited
6. 14-May-2024 04:00 PM 28-May-2024 04:00 PM 28-May-2024 05:00 PM [Single Tender Enquiry for Procurement of Hockey Goalkeeper kit (Obo) for Hockey Athletes of SAI NCOE Bhopal ] [19/10/2024-RC Bhopal-Equipment Support Division ][2024_SAI_756305_1] Sports Authority of India||SAI CRC Bhopal
7. 22-May-2024 02:00 PM 28-May-2024 04:00 PM 28-May-2024 04:30 PM [AMC of total 114 Nos rolling shutters of warehouses at MMLPV] [CON/A-3/MMLPV/87142/ENQ/2024][2024_CONCR_757329_1] Container Corporation of India Limited||SOUTH CENTRAL REGION||TECHNICAL
8. 04-May-2024 06:55 PM 28-May-2024 04:00 PM 28-May-2024 04:30 PM [SIEM Expansion (Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) and SMAX integration) through GeM portal] [GEM/2024/B/4910364 Dated 04/05/2024][2024_UCO_755354_1] UCO Bank
9. 02-Apr-2024 05:00 PM 28-May-2024 04:00 PM 30-May-2024 11:00 AM [PROCUREMENT INSTALLATION AND COMMISSIONING OF MAFI TESTERS FOR SETTING UP] [AIRHQ/73761/33/MAFI BM-I ][2024_IAF_752222_1] Indian Air Force||DIRECTORATE OF GL
10. 18-May-2024 02:00 PM 28-May-2024 04:00 PM 29-May-2024 02:00 PM [PROCUREMENT OF ELECTRICAL JUNCTION BOX 100 Nos] [W3022805/WEB DATE 18/05/2024 DUE DATE 28/05/2024][2024_MCF_756949_1] Department of Fertilisers||Madras Fertilizers Limited
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