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Tender Title Reference No Closing Date Bid Opening Date
1. Enquiry for Procurement of Various Size of Graphite and Spiral Wound Gasket for High Pressure Manual Valves/Pipe Lines/Control Valves for Boiler of 2X600 MW, Unit-1 and 2 at SSTPP, Stage-I, MPPGCL Dongalia. pe-85 19-Jul-2024 03:30 PM 19-Jul-2024 04:00 PM
2. Converter Refractories 11.80.Q7QW/SA/Converter Refractories/158 19-Jul-2024 03:00 PM 19-Jul-2024 04:00 PM
3. Supervision, Monitoring, Operation and Maintenance of Civil, Electrical, Mechanical equipments,Water Cooled Chillars, firefighting system, transformers, HTLT panels, DG sets, Split ACs, STP, WTP, Plumbing, drainage system, Sump/drainage/water NBCC/SBG-ITPO/ 2024/02 26-Jul-2024 11:00 AM 26-Jul-2024 11:30 AM
4. Laying and splicing of Optical Fiber Cable for LAN connectivity of RFID based Boom Barrier at Jhingurda Project JRD/ENM/Qtn/24-25/04 Dt.12.07.2024 15-Jul-2024 05:00 PM 15-Jul-2024 05:15 PM
5. Cleaning of roads of power house premises , front area of CE(Gen.) office and other offices, sheds, fountain and drains in front of CE (Gen.) including office building and sheds for three months period at STPS Sarni T-202/237 24-Jul-2024 03:00 PM 24-Jul-2024 04:00 PM
6. Purchase Enquiry for 1no Desiccant type Dehumidifier Dehumidifier Model 600 CMH 360cfm unit for IACS Jadavpur for Prof Nabanita Debs Lab IACS/WS/Desiccant Dehumidifier/24-25/24 02-Aug-2024 03:00 PM 02-Aug-2024 04:30 PM
8. Tender for supply of Potato Seeds for the Financial Year 2024-25 for Bihar State HIL/SD/2024-25/12 18-Jul-2024 12:00 PM 18-Jul-2024 12:30 PM
9. Empanelment of Advocates for representing and assisting B AND R in dealing with Legal Arbitration and Dispute Resolution related matters pursuant to East Coast Region For States of Odisha Chhattisgarh Madhya Pradesh Telangana and UTs if any in these B AND R/HO/LEGAL/NIA/EAST 02-Aug-2024 06:55 PM 03-Aug-2024 06:55 PM
10. Package -I - Removal/Repair of defective furnace upper side (left, right and front) and intermediate fin weld panels and erection, testing and commissioning of newly supplied of same items along with accessories and hydro test of these new panels wit PSER-PUR-SRG-S566-24 15-Jul-2024 02:00 PM 15-Jul-2024 04:30 PM
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Latest Corrigendums
Corrigendum Title Reference No Closing Date Bid Opening Date
1. CorrAdm02 NBCC/CPG/NVS/SOLAR/2024/415 18-Jul-2024 11:00 AM 18-Jul-2024 11:30 AM
2. 3RD DUE DATE EXTENSION WE-236 19-Jul-2024 03:30 PM 22-Jul-2024 03:30 PM
3. Addendum 1 11.80.C394/Pipes and Fittings/SM-02/009 19-Jul-2024 12:00 PM 19-Jul-2024 04:00 PM
4. Corrigendum 3 E3AREAMISERPP/1/24-AIII/24/01 30-Jul-2024 03:30 PM 30-Jul-2024 04:00 PM
5. Corrigendum - 5 BNR/NRL/40090/NIT/ Hiring/01 19-Jul-2024 06:55 PM 20-Jul-2024 06:55 PM
6. Corrigendum-1 RAILTEL/TENDER/OT/CO/ ITP/2024-25/ DC-DR Infra/007 30-Jul-2024 03:00 PM 30-Jul-2024 03:30 PM
7. Corrigendum-I 54/T-58(24-25)/GEM/5020253 26-Jul-2024 03:00 PM 26-Jul-2024 03:30 PM
8. Corrigendum-I 54/T-58(24-25)/GEM/5020253 26-Jul-2024 03:00 PM 26-Jul-2024 03:30 PM
9. Extension of bid submission date ICAT/T/ICIR/Loadcar/2024-25/10 29-Jul-2024 05:00 PM 30-Jul-2024 03:00 PM
10. CORRIGENDUM-III CSEZ-CSZA0H(17)/1/2024-SEZ Cochin 17-Jul-2024 03:00 PM 17-Jul-2024 03:30 PM
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