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Latest Tenders  
Tender Title Reference No Closing Date Bid Opening Date
1. E-Tender For Collecting and Sending Documents/Parcels From Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, New Delhi, Port Blair (Andaman) and Haldia Through Courier Service To Various Domestic Destinations. PNS/COUR/DOM/2021 20-Dec-2021 05:00 PM 22-Dec-2021 03:00 PM
2. Repairing of Engine for Escort Hydra Crane Sl.No. 153A105422 wa4310 exc 0012- 2021-22 09-Dec-2021 01:00 PM 09-Dec-2021 03:00 PM
3. Supply of Eye wash shower and Eye/Face wash Fountain IRE/RED/P/Sa/3/149/2021 14-Dec-2021 10:30 AM 14-Dec-2021 11:00 AM
4. Accumulation loading transportation of Output from OSCOM IREL /GANJAM/21-22/ET/ 125 06-Dec-2021 02:00 PM 06-Dec-2021 02:30 PM
5. PROC AS PER DOCUMENT LPR/MCO/MG19KVA/048/128 03-Dec-2021 03:00 PM 03-Dec-2021 03:05 PM
6. PROC AS PER DOCUMENT LPR/MCO/TCRR/DRW/005/200 07-Jan-2022 03:00 PM 07-Jan-2022 03:05 PM
7. PROC AS PER DOCUMENT LPR/MCO/RFC/WT/CLA/127/266 07-Dec-2021 03:00 PM 07-Dec-2021 03:05 PM
8. BKJ/ELECT/12(A)/21-22 BKJ/ELECT/12(A)/21-22 16-Dec-2021 03:00 PM 16-Dec-2021 03:30 PM
9. Repairing ch3156-enm-0009-2021-22 07-Dec-2021 11:00 AM 07-Dec-2021 11:30 AM
10. Repairing of alternator of BH60M dumper Sl.No. 60187, 60209 wa4310 exc 0013- 2021-22 09-Dec-2021 01:00 PM 09-Dec-2021 03:00 PM
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Latest Corrigendums
Corrigendum Title Reference No Closing Date Bid Opening Date
1. CORRIGENDUMII Extension of Due date for the submission of Quote RFQ Ref PB111K002 PB111K002 14-Dec-2021 02:00 PM 14-Dec-2021 02:30 PM
2. Actual work output No. 491/ SVEEP -II/ WebRadio/ 2021 02-Dec-2021 12:00 PM 02-Dec-2021 01:00 PM
3. CORRIGENDUM I RFQ Ref PB111K001 Extension of Due date for the submission of Quote and Publication of Clarifications/Addendum PB111K001 14-Dec-2021 02:00 PM 14-Dec-2021 02:30 PM
4. ADDITIONAL TENDER DOCUMENT PGAD/7741/01/FX/21-22/0097 06-Dec-2021 05:10 PM 07-Dec-2021 11:00 AM
5. Corrigendum No.1 CSL/CKSRU/TEN/199/2021-22 13-Jan-2022 04:00 PM 13-Jan-2022 04:30 PM
6. Extension of Timeline 12575/DGQA/DTIS/Envirommental Testing FACILTY 07-Dec-2021 04:00 PM 13-Dec-2021 04:00 PM
7. Extension of Timeline 12575/DGQA/DTIS/EMI/EMC TEST FACILTY 07-Dec-2021 05:00 PM 10-Dec-2021 11:00 AM
8. Corrigendum-07 01/51/Q7P7/ZSP-TAPI/LPU/314 dated 09.06.2021 03-Jan-2022 02:00 PM 03-Jan-2022 03:00 PM
9. Corrigendum1 NBCC/RBGI/Yadadri/TCraneCT3/21 10-Dec-2021 11:00 AM 10-Dec-2021 11:30 AM
10. Corrigendum-2 11.51.Q7P1/HV_SWGR/3002/ 014 04-Dec-2021 11:00 AM 04-Dec-2021 12:00 PM
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