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Latest Tenders  
Tender Title Reference No Closing Date Bid Opening Date
1. 11.74.Global Mapping/047 11.74.Global Mapping/047 10-Oct-2023 04:00 PM 10-Oct-2023 04:30 PM
2. Work for the deployment of 10 Nos. manpower at the Unloading point as directed by M/s CSIR-CIMFR (Third-Party) to the coal sample Collection, and Preparation of different Coal samples received by various modes to STPS, MPPGCL, Sarni. WE-168 06-Oct-2023 03:00 PM 06-Oct-2023 03:30 PM
3. SUPPLY OF CONTROL TRANSFORMER HMTL/MTH/7VT536001723 10-Oct-2023 02:00 PM 10-Oct-2023 02:00 PM
4. Enquiry for Procurement of SS wire braided flexible Flame Scanner hose pipe with end connector installed at BMD area of 2x660 MW, Units, SSTPP, Dongalia. PE-17 03-Oct-2023 03:30 PM 03-Oct-2023 04:00 PM
5. Servicing of HT-SF6 circuit breakers IREL/Udyogamandal/23-24/24835 19-Oct-2023 10:30 AM 19-Oct-2023 11:00 AM
6. Servicing of L and T make ACB s and relay testing IREL/Udyogamandal/23-24/24842 19-Oct-2023 10:30 AM 19-Oct-2023 11:00 AM
7. AMC for 50 T Avery Make Weigh Bridge IREL/Udyogamandal/23-24/ 24771 19-Oct-2023 10:30 AM 19-Oct-2023 11:00 AM
8. SUPPLY OF OAT CS / TL SEED III(OS/06)/MKTG/NSC-CHD /2023-24 06-Oct-2023 01:00 PM 06-Oct-2023 02:00 PM
9. Supply, Installation and commissioning of Radar level transmitter system IREL/Udyogamandal/23-24/24981 19-Oct-2023 10:30 AM 19-Oct-2023 11:00 AM
10. Mineral Wools Insulation Mattresses etc BHAVINI/CMM/ GeM Bid No. GeM/2023/3947630 03-Oct-2023 03:00 PM 03-Oct-2023 03:30 PM
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Latest Corrigendums
Corrigendum Title Reference No Closing Date Bid Opening Date
1. Corrigendum_2_T391 CO DIT PUR 2023 24 391 12-Oct-2023 03:00 PM 12-Oct-2023 03:30 PM
2. Date Extension-2 NMDC/ERP/DC DR/2023/01 09-Oct-2023 02:00 PM 09-Oct-2023 02:30 PM
3. Addendum No. 16 for FBB1/FBW Works (Date Extension) DGSB/DC02/01 OF 2022 03-Jan-2024 03:00 PM 03-Jan-2024 03:30 PM
5. Addendum No. 18 for FBB2/FBL Works (Date Extension) DGSB/DC02/02 OF 2022 31-Jan-2024 03:00 PM 31-Jan-2024 03:30 PM
6. Addendum No. 16 for DY Works (Date Extension) DGSB/DC02/03 OF 2022 17-Jan-2024 03:00 PM 17-Jan-2024 03:30 PM
7. TNO25_Sept23_West1 BR/DHAR/71129/PAINTING/NIT/01 14-Oct-2023 06:55 PM 16-Oct-2023 06:55 PM
8. Corrigendum No-2- Revised tender submission date and special terms and conditions MP1/ TOWER CRANE FOUNDATION/CMSRU 06-Oct-2023 03:00 PM 06-Oct-2023 03:30 PM
9. Corrigendum 1 CRP23I001/1 07-Oct-2023 12:00 PM 07-Oct-2023 03:00 PM
10. RESCHEDULE OF DATE AND TIME EOI/RFX. NO. 2600008493/TPP 27-Oct-2023 03:00 PM 28-Oct-2023 03:00 PM
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