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Total Tenders : 310526
S.No. e-Published Date Bid Submission Closing Date Tender Opening Date Title and Ref.No./Tender Id State Name Tender Status
1. 06-Aug-2020 10:00 AM 31-Aug-2020 05:00 PM 01-Sep-2020 11:00 AM ESTABLISHMENT AND OPERATIONS OF CSC 3.0 208/EDM/DEGS/NIVIDA/2020 / 2020_CEGUP_498653_1 Uttar Pradesh Cancelled
2. 06-Aug-2020 09:00 AM 14-Aug-2020 09:00 AM 15-Aug-2020 12:00 PM E TENDER NOTICE FOR ELECTRIC WORK AS PER NIT 1 ST CALL GP PAREGAON KD 2020-2021-OPEN / 2020_AHMED_601063_1 Maharashtra Cancelled
3. 06-Aug-2020 09:00 AM 13-Aug-2020 09:00 AM 14-Aug-2020 09:00 AM etender no 1/1 E TENDER 2020-2021 / 2020_NASHI_601090_1 Maharashtra Cancelled
4. 06-Aug-2020 09:00 AM 14-Aug-2020 06:00 PM 17-Aug-2020 10:00 AM RE TENDER_807_21_Alappuzha JP_ 2019-20_Construction of Muhamma CHC Womens Ward JP TENDER_D1-2073/18/LSGD/ALPY / 2020_LSGD_375097_1 Kerala Cancelled
5. 05-Aug-2020 06:55 PM 13-Aug-2020 10:00 AM 14-Aug-2020 10:00 AM Constructing Aggriculture chanel at Achare Bageshri Vahal Tal.Malvan Dist.Sindhudurg vp/Achara/Etender/2020-21 / 2020_SINDH_601043_1 Maharashtra Cancelled
6. 05-Aug-2020 06:30 PM 11-Aug-2020 05:00 PM 13-Aug-2020 11:00 AM Cleaning Of Buldana City Under Municipal Council Buldana MCB/HEALTH/NIT10/2020-21 / 2020_DMA_601046_1 Maharashtra Cancelled
7. 05-Aug-2020 03:00 PM 26-Aug-2020 03:00 PM 26-Aug-2020 03:05 PM Ambala Sadar Town A Mtc of Water Supply Scheme Mtc Urban WS Repair Rectification of WS leakages of PVC AC CI DI pipes of different sizes in area falling in Old Town area Ambala Sadar and all other works contingent there to SE MEMO NO. 9812 DATED 21.07.2020 / 2020_HRY_138421_1 Haryana Cancelled
8. 05-Aug-2020 02:40 PM 10-Aug-2020 04:00 PM 10-Aug-2020 05:00 PM Face lifting of sports stadium at samba on the eve of Independence day. 14 of 2020-21 dated 05-08-2020 / 2020_PWDJK_101771_1 Jammu and Kashmir Cancelled
9. 05-Aug-2020 01:45 PM 12-Aug-2020 06:00 PM 14-Aug-2020 02:00 PM CMLRRP/20/TLPM-1698 Madappamthodu Chamappara Road Retaring and Kanjirappara Kadukumpara Road Concreting 04/2020/AE/LSGD/TLPM / 2020_LSGD_373594_2 Kerala Cancelled
10. 05-Aug-2020 01:20 PM 13-Aug-2020 03:00 PM 13-Aug-2020 03:30 PM EOR works at GGSSS No.1, Tukhmirpur, Delhi dg 2019-20 23/EE/N.E.(M-222)/PWD/2019-20 / 2020_PWD_193262_1 NCT of Delhi Cancelled