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Total AOCs : 583815
S.No. AOC Date e-Published Date Title and Ref.No./Tender Id State Name
51. 01-Oct-2019 10:20 AM 24-Sep-2019 04:21 PM Providing Steps at Peddacheruvu(Mothi) at Dundigal Village in DUNDIGAL Municipality under Municipal General Funds 2019-20/ E1/Bathukamma Ghat -Pedda Cheruvu/2019-20 / 146165 Telegana
52. 26-Sep-2019 03:05 PM 24-Sep-2019 04:03 PM Laying of SS flooring in premises of Venkateshwara Swamy temple in Jangammet Divn-45 (in view Bathukamma Festival ) - Rs.4.50 Lakhs/ 29/EE-8/SZ/GHMC/2019-20, Dated: 24.09.2019 (Item No.6) / 146190 Telegana
53. 26-Sep-2019 03:05 PM 24-Sep-2019 03:58 PM White washing and spreading of Morrum in Jangammet Divn-45 (in view Bathukamma Festival )-Rs.0.45 Lakhs/ 29/EE-8/SZ/GHMC/2019-20, Dated: 24.09.2019 (Item No.5) / 146187 Telegana
54. 26-Sep-2019 03:04 PM 24-Sep-2019 03:56 PM Desilting of well at Venkateswara temple and Chitraguptha Temple in Jangammet Divn-45 (in view Bathukamma Festival ) - Rs.0.92 Lakhs/ 29/EE-8/SZ/GHMC/2019-20, Dated: 24.09.2019 (Item No.4) / 146186 Telegana
55. 26-Sep-2019 03:04 PM 24-Sep-2019 03:52 PM Raising Compound wall, fixing of gate filling with morrum at Kalika Matha temple, Arundathi Colony Play Ground Narsimha Swamy temple of Uppuguda Div-44 (in view Bathukamma Festival )-Rs.3.60 Lakhs/ 29/EE-8/SZ/GHMC/2019-20, Dated: 24.09.2019 (Item No.3) / 146175 Telegana
56. 26-Sep-2019 03:03 PM 24-Sep-2019 03:47 PM Flooring with polished stone at in premises of Durga Matha (Shivalayam) temple of Riyasathnagar Divn-40 - Rs.2.75 Lakhs/ 29/EE-8/SZ/GHMC/2019-20, Dated: 24.09.2019 (Item No.2) / 146174 Telegana
57. 26-Sep-2019 03:02 PM 24-Sep-2019 03:42 PM Desilting and maintenance work at Ayidhu Paisala Baavi in Lalithabagh Divn-36 (in view Bathukamma Festival ) - Rs.0.35 Lakhs/ 29/EE-8/SZ/GHMC/2019-20, Dated: 24.09.2019 (Item No.1) / 146171 Telegana
58. 15-Oct-2019 12:00 AM 24-Sep-2019 03:00 PM Demolishing Brick work Rcc Dismantling Doors Partions Fabrication and installation of Aluminium Partitions Vitrified Tiles Plastering wall ceiling Aluminium window MSgrills Painting on Walls Iron works and Wooden Works etc/ KSNK/TECH/KZHY/CFSCCHRY6 -02/2019 / 2019_KSNK_303073_1 Kerala
59. 01-Oct-2019 12:32 AM 24-Sep-2019 01:30 PM Plantation of Avenue Plants under TelanganaKu Haritha Haram Programme in Dundigal Municipality under Municipal general funds for the year 2019-20/ E1/Avenue Plantation/2019-20 / 146089 Telegana
60. 04-Oct-2019 12:00 AM 24-Sep-2019 09:00 AM Transportation work for Hero Kalan Cluster/ A-4/2019/Transport / 2019_FCSCA_37753_2 Punjab