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Sl.No. e-Published Date Bid Submission Closing Date Tender Opening Date Title and Ref.No./Tender Id State Name Corrigendum
1. 28-Aug-2020 09:00 AM 17-Oct-2020 05:00 PM 20-Oct-2020 04:00 PM Work of Belt jointing and Patching works with hot and cold vulcanizing of Coal Handling Plant ATPS, Obra T-26/SE-II/BTPS/EMD(C)/2020-21 / 2020_RVUNL_505669_1 Uttar Pradesh
2. 26-Aug-2020 09:00 AM 17-Oct-2020 03:00 PM 17-Oct-2020 04:00 PM Implementation of Jal Jeevan Mission to provide Functional Household Tap connection to Rural Households in Morthana Panchayat in Gudiyatham block vellore District for the year 2020-21 package no 42 A11/1458/2020 / 2020_RDTN_177235_1 Tamil Nadu
3. 19-Aug-2020 02:16 PM 17-Oct-2020 05:00 PM 19-Oct-2020 11:30 AM TRANSPORTATION OF MILK THROUGH ROAD MILK TANKERS ON CONTRACT BASIS FOR A PERIOD OF TWO YEARS2020-08-31 MMU/PDG/Dairy/TPT/56/E-Procu/2020-21 / 052020-08-19Aug116 Karnataka --
4. 04-Sep-2020 01:00 PM 17-Oct-2020 04:00 PM 19-Oct-2020 02:00 PM Replacement of old rotten wooden poles and stranded /undersize conductor for Feeder No 2 of Burzahama Receiving Station feeder Khimber Chaterhamma EDIV 18 / 2020_PDD_103403_2 Jammu and Kashmir
5. 04-Sep-2020 06:00 PM 17-Oct-2020 03:00 PM 19-Oct-2020 02:00 PM EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE WORKS 26/EUDC(G)/2020-21 / 2020_PVVNV_504117_2 Uttar Pradesh
6. 05-Sep-2020 06:00 PM 17-Oct-2020 06:00 PM 21-Oct-2020 06:00 PM Work for Annual breakdown maintenance of Mulsifire system, TWS system and repairing/overhauling of various valves, pumps of ATPS, Obra. T-10/SE-HQ/OTPS/FF and SD/2020-21 / 2020_RVUNL_508546_1 Uttar Pradesh
7. 08-Sep-2020 11:00 AM 17-Oct-2020 05:00 PM 21-Oct-2020 11:00 AM ApheresisMachine OSMCL/2020-21/EQP-PB/04 / 2020_OSMCL_62576_1 Odisha
8. 08-Sep-2020 11:00 AM 17-Oct-2020 05:00 PM 21-Oct-2020 11:00 AM CLIA OSMCL/2020-21/EQP-PB/04 / 2020_OSMCL_62576_2 Odisha
9. 08-Sep-2020 11:00 AM 17-Oct-2020 05:00 PM 21-Oct-2020 11:00 AM Online3kVaUPSWithBatteries OSMCL/2020-21/EQP-PB/04 / 2020_OSMCL_62576_3 Odisha
10. 10-Sep-2020 01:00 PM 17-Oct-2020 05:00 PM 19-Oct-2020 03:00 PM Rate Contract for Supply of Hardware, wood and Sanitary, Paints and varnish 555_08.09.2020 / 2020_SMSMC_198761_1 Rajasthan
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