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Total Bid(s) : 9833
Sl.No Bid Start Date Bid End Date Bid Number/Total Quantity Product Category Organisation Name Department Name
1. 26-Jul-2020 02:53 PM 17-Aug-2020 03:00 PM GEM/2020/B/725624/3143 guardrail for highways Border Road Organisation Department of Defence
2. 26-Jul-2020 07:47 PM 15-Aug-2020 08:00 PM GEM/2020/B/725731/10 Metal Shelving Racks Directorate of Higher Education Higher Education Department Tripura
3. 26-Jul-2020 08:31 PM 15-Aug-2020 09:00 PM GEM/2020/B/725747/2 Desktop Computers Directorate of Higher Education Higher Education Department Tripura
4. 27-Jul-2020 08:41 AM 17-Aug-2020 09:00 AM GEM/2020/B/725815/74 cotton towels Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) Department of Defence Production
5. 27-Jul-2020 09:10 AM 17-Aug-2020 10:00 AM GEM/2020/RA/46216/1000 Iodized Salt Bharat Earth Movers Limited (BEML) Department of Defence Production
6. 27-Jul-2020 11:48 AM 17-Aug-2020 12:00 PM GEM/2020/B/725986/2600 Printing Service,Printing Service,Printing Service,Printing Service NUCLEAR POWER CORPORATION OF INDIA LIMITED Department of Atomic Energy
7. 27-Jul-2020 11:53 AM 17-Aug-2020 04:00 PM GEM/2020/B/715500/23 Portable PA System N/A Central Police Organisation
8. 27-Jul-2020 11:59 AM 17-Aug-2020 12:00 PM GEM/2020/B/726017/1 Multifunction Machines MFM State Bank of India (SBI) Department of Financial Services
9. 27-Jul-2020 12:07 PM 17-Aug-2020 01:00 PM GEM/2020/B/726011/31 Hiring of Sanitation Service Indian Air Force Department of Defence
10. 27-Jul-2020 12:19 PM 17-Aug-2020 01:00 PM GEM/2020/B/726024/1 Automatic Fully Mechanised Organic Waste Machine for Compost Non Heating Type University of Delhi Department of Higher Education