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S.No Subject Issued By Issued Date Language Size File Type Download/View
1 All Procurement Policy O.Ms Link Department of Expenditure,Ministry of Finance - English - 🔗 view
2 Mandatory Publishing of Tender Information on CPPP Dept. of Expenditure 14-Mar-2012 English 533.87 KB pdf view
3 Public Procurement Policy for MSEs, Amendment of 25% Order Min. of Micro,Small & Medium Exterprises 09-Nov-2018 English/Hindi 1.6 MB pdf view
1 Common Examples of Restrictive and Discriminatory Conditions Against the Local Suppliers (Public Procurement Preference-MII order 2017) Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade 20-Dec-2022 English 1.29 MB pdf view
2 OM wrt Stagewise refund of EMD to unsuccessful bidders Dept. of Expenditure 01-Apr-2022 English 324.34 KB pdf view
1 Revised Application Format for Registration of bidders under Rule 144(xi) GFR 2017 Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade 30-Mar-2021 English 869.29 KB pdf view
1 Uploading of Format for registration of bidders from countries which shares land border with India on CPP Portal and GeM Portal Ministry of Commerce 31-Aug-2020 English 186.41 KB pdf view
2 Format for registration of bidders under rule 144 (xi) GFR Ministry of Commerce 28-Aug-2020 English 1.99 MB pdf view
1 Certification by Procurement Officer with respect to Make in India Order 2017 and MSE order 2012 Dept. of Expenditure 17-Apr-2018 English/Hindi 550.7 KB pdf view
2 Gazette Notification with respect to Start Up dt. 11.04.2018 Dept. of Industrial Policy & Promotion 11-Apr-2018 English/Hindi 1.77 MB pdf view
1 Revised undertaking with respect to non-availability of items in GeM dt. 25th July 2017 Dept. of Expenditure 25-Jul-2017 English 37.67 KB pdf view
2 Public Procurement (Preference to Make in India), Order 2017 Min. of Commerce and industry 15-Jun-2017 English 1.78 MB pdf view
3 Undertaking for non-availability of items in GeM dt. 24th May 2017 Dept. of Expenditure 25-May-2017 English 247.76 KB pdf view
1 FAQs on Public Procurement Policy for MSEs order 2012 dated 24 Oct 2016 Min. of Information & Broadcasting 24-Oct-2016 English 367.42 KB pdf view
2 Mandatory Publication of Tender Enquiries through CPPP Dept. of Expenditure 17-May-2016 English 1.89 MB pdf view
3 OM on eProcurement by CPSEs Dept. of Expenditure 10-Mar-2016 English 115.05 KB pdf view
4 Relaxation of Norms for Start Up and MSEs in Public Procurement with respect to Prior Experience and Turn over Min. of Micro,Small & Medium Exterprises 10-Mar-2016 English 781.8 KB pdf view
1 Mandatory Publication of Tender enquiries and details of Bid Awards on CPPP Dept. of Expenditure 08-Sep-2014 English 32.07 KB pdf view
2 Implementation of Comprehensive end to end e-Procurement for tenders of above 10Lakh worth Dept. of Expenditure 09-Jan-2014 English 344.8 KB pdf view

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