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Sl.No Bid Start Date Bid End Date Bid Number/Total Quantity Product Category Organisation Name Department Name
31. 23-Oct-2023 04:33 PM 07-Dec-2023 05:00 PM GEM/2023/B/4125603/1 Hiring of Agency for IT Projects- Milestone basis Controller General Of Communication Accounts Department of Telecommunications (DOT)
32. 23-Oct-2023 07:59 PM 07-Dec-2023 08:00 PM GEM/2023/B/4126476/5 Motorola Base Station XiR M8668i VHF,mobile extension cable,Hand set,User Manual,Antenna HQIDS Department of Military Affairs
33. 24-Oct-2023 03:32 PM 08-Dec-2023 03:00 PM GEM/2023/B/4076793/1 Custom Bid for Services - A Standards Compliant Hospital Information System Indian Army Department of Military Affairs
34. 25-Oct-2023 09:04 AM 04-Dec-2023 04:00 PM GEM/2023/B/4117257/9 Micro Needling Radiofrequency Equipment DG Armed Forces Medical Service Department of Defence
35. 25-Oct-2023 09:05 AM 02-Dec-2023 11:00 AM GEM/2023/B/4109304/4 INDOCYANIN GREEN FLOUROSCOPY MAPPING DEVICE DG Armed Forces Medical Service Department of Defence
36. 25-Oct-2023 10:44 AM 09-Dec-2023 11:00 AM GEM/2023/B/3996176/1 Procurement and Laying of 3 Kms 24 Core G. 652 OFC Single Mode Unarmoured Cable Indian Air Force Department of Military Affairs
37. 25-Oct-2023 03:21 PM 09-Dec-2023 03:00 PM GEM/2023/B/4129764/6 DRYFIT MAINTANANCE FREE BATTRIES 12V/55AH Indian Air Force Department of Military Affairs
38. 26-Oct-2023 09:54 AM 07-Dec-2023 10:00 AM GEM/2023/B/4132322/1 Bulk Frozen Semen Storage Liquid Nitrogen Cryovessel of 550 litre capacity Kerala Livestock Development Board (KLDB) Animal Husbandry Department Kerala
39. 26-Oct-2023 10:06 AM 08-Dec-2023 02:00 PM GEM/2023/B/4128594/1 Optical Spectrum Analyzer Directorate of Purchase and Stores Department of Atomic Energy
40. 26-Oct-2023 12:56 PM 09-Dec-2023 11:00 AM GEM/2023/B/4132377/19 Magnetic Board (3.5 ft x 7 ft) Pasting with Laminated Odisha Political Map,Sun Board (3 ft x 2 ft),Sun Board (1.5 ft x 1 ft),Hot and Cold Water Dispenser Indian Navy Department of Military Affairs