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Sl.No Bid Start Date Bid End Date Bid Number/Total Quantity Product Category Organisation Name Department Name
31. 22-Dec-2020 10:28 AM 21-Jan-2021 11:00 AM GEM/2020/B/933259/41000 Single Use Rubber Examination Gloves,Filtering Half Mask-Air Pollution Mask,Filtering Half Mask-Air Pollution Mask Bharat Dynamics Limited Department of Defence Production
32. 22-Dec-2020 12:09 PM 21-Jan-2021 12:00 PM GEM/2020/B/933597/1 scanners Directorate of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Department, Assam
33. 22-Dec-2020 01:33 PM 21-Jan-2021 02:00 PM GEM/2020/B/933787/200 Led Street Light N/A Urban Development Department Uttar Pradesh
34. 22-Dec-2020 03:30 PM 21-Jan-2021 04:00 PM GEM/2020/B/930204/3 8 1/2 INCH OD Flat Bottom Junk Mill OIL INDIA Limited OIL INDIA Limited
35. 22-Dec-2020 03:45 PM 21-Jan-2021 04:00 PM GEM/2020/B/929878/1 Firewall - NGFW N/A NA
36. 22-Dec-2020 03:50 PM 21-Jan-2021 08:00 PM GEM/2020/B/930045/2 12 INCH OD Flat Bottom Junk Mill OIL INDIA Limited OIL INDIA Limited
37. 22-Dec-2020 04:08 PM 21-Jan-2021 04:00 PM GEM/2020/B/934291/1 Operation and Maintenance Services of Power Generator(DG-Set) HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT CORP HUDCO
38. 22-Dec-2020 04:19 PM 05-Feb-2021 05:00 PM GEM/2020/B/933686/2550 Roller Ball Pen,Gel Pen,Stapler,stapler pin,Marking Pen- permanent, highlighter,Insecticides for mosquitoes cockroaches and other insects (Liquid vaporizer and spray),glass or window cleaners,toilet cleaners liquid,brooms,brooms,brooms,Squeeges or washers- wipers-mopper,toilet cleaners liquid,phenyl,Insecticides for mosquitoes cockroaches and other insects (Liquid vaporizer and spray),note pads or notebooks,note pads or notebooks,Wooden Pencil,Paper Clips,stamp pads,paper or eyelet punches,igniters ie match box,Diaries-printed-plain- register-,scissors,Sketch Pen (Fibre Tip),sealing wax,Air Freshener,dishwashing products,Handwash(liquid),Lever Arch File,battery cell,Alcohol Based Hand Rub/Hand Sanitizer,transparent tape,transparent tape,transparent tape,adhesive tape spindles,tag fastener,Ball Point Pen,tissue papers,tissue papers,Bleached Duplicating Paper,Wall Clock (Preschool Kit),desktop calculator-Electronics,Cleaning Duster,Padlock (General Use),Padlock (General Use),Padlock (General Use) N/A Revenue Department Andaman & Nicobar
39. 22-Dec-2020 06:07 PM 21-Jan-2021 11:00 AM GEM/2020/B/931072/28 Technical Manpower Outsourcing Service,Technical Manpower Outsourcing Service,Technical Manpower Outsourcing Service Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited (SPMCIL) Department of Economic Affairs
40. 22-Dec-2020 10:02 PM 27-Jan-2021 11:00 AM GEM/2020/B/935135/3 Security Manpower Service - Security Guard Male Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) Department of School Education and Literacy