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Sl.No Bid Start Date Bid End Date Bid Number/Total Quantity Product Category Organisation Name Department Name
41. 17-Mar-2021 03:40 PM 16-Apr-2021 02:00 PM GEM/2021/RA/71142/34 Operating System Software (Version 2.0),Office Suite Software (Version 2.0),Operating System Software (Version 2.0),Operating System Software (Version 2.0) NTRO NA
42. 17-Mar-2021 03:42 PM 16-Apr-2021 02:00 PM GEM/2021/RA/71079/1 Television TV NTRO NA
43. 17-Mar-2021 03:44 PM 16-Apr-2021 04:00 PM GEM/2021/B/1126488/1 Microscopes - Pathological And Research As Per Is:4381, Is:5204-IS:4381, IS:5204 All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Department of Health and Family Welfare
44. 17-Mar-2021 03:50 PM 16-Apr-2021 02:00 PM GEM/2021/RA/69497/955 Storage System,Network Interface Card,CAT 6 Cable for Indoor use,portable hard disk,Laptop-Notebook,Security and Protective Software including Antivirus NTRO NA
45. 17-Mar-2021 03:54 PM 16-Apr-2021 02:00 PM GEM/2021/RA/69464/44 Server,Server,Workstation,Workstation,Firewall - NGFW,web application firewall,Layer 2 Access Switch,Router,Networking/Server Rack,KVM Switch,KVM Switch,Liquid Crystal Display LCD Panel or Monitors,Virtualisation & Cloud software (Version 2.0) NTRO NA
46. 17-Mar-2021 04:01 PM 16-Apr-2021 04:00 PM GEM/2021/B/1126690/1 MINI WATER MIST VEHICLE WITH CAPACITY OF 550 LITRES e-Nagar Palika Government of Madhya Pradesh Urban Development and Environment Department
47. 17-Mar-2021 04:18 PM 01-May-2021 05:00 PM GEM/2021/B/1096104/4 Multimedia Projector (MMP),Projector Screen,portable hard disk Industrial Training Department Labour and Skills Department Kerala
48. 17-Mar-2021 04:21 PM 01-May-2021 05:00 PM GEM/2021/B/1096831/3 Online Ups-IS:9000,Online Ups-IS:9000 Industrial Training Department Labour and Skills Department Kerala
49. 17-Mar-2021 04:58 PM 16-Apr-2021 04:00 PM GEM/2021/B/1126765/3 CONTROLLER FOR AIR COMPRESSOR, ART NO. PPBE 0601, PART NO. P1900520001, SR. NO. -SRN1112A00165 Indian Ordnance Factories Department of Defence Production
50. 17-Mar-2021 05:20 PM 16-Apr-2021 06:00 PM GEM/2021/B/1127007/32 Security Manpower Service - Security Guard Male,Security Manpower Service - Security Supervisor National Institute of Health and Family Welfare (NIHFW) New Delhi Department of Health and Family Welfare