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Sl.No Bid Start Date Bid End Date Bid Number/Total Quantity Product Category Organisation Name Department Name
51. 03-May-2023 04:40 PM 07-Jun-2023 05:00 PM GEM/2023/B/3383800/2 Advance Life Support Manikin with Monitor,Birthing Simulator High Fidelity All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Department of Health and Family Welfare
52. 03-May-2023 08:17 PM 17-Jun-2023 02:00 PM GEM/2023/B/3411479/17 Fireman Gumboots as per EN / NFPA Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited NA
53. 04-May-2023 12:02 AM 17-Jun-2023 12:00 PM GEM/2023/B/3404723/1 Operation And Maintenance Of Water Supply Systems - Complete System Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) Department of School Education and Literacy
54. 04-May-2023 11:01 AM 07-Jun-2023 10:00 AM GEM/2023/B/3413647/2000 3.5 x 70 sq. mm, EPR, Copper 660 V Cable OIL INDIA Limited OIL INDIA Limited
55. 04-May-2023 12:22 PM 13-Jun-2023 01:00 PM GEM/2023/B/3414131/2 Vacuum Pump Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited NA
56. 04-May-2023 12:50 PM 17-Jun-2023 01:00 PM GEM/2023/B/3414587/25276 100 Pair Unarmoured JFC 0.5mm,20 Pair Unarmoured JFC 0.5mm,10 Pair unarmoured JFC 0.5mm,Jointing Kit 100 Pair,Jointing Kit 20 Pair,Pillar Box 100 Pair,DP Box 20 Pair,Road crossing GI Pipe 2 Inch,Jumper wire 0.5mm,Krone Module,Drop Wire,RCC Router Marker,Digging Laying, Refilling and Jointing of JFC as per RFP Indian Army Department of Military Affairs
57. 04-May-2023 01:30 PM 17-Jun-2023 02:00 PM GEM/2023/B/3414713/1 Custom Bid for Services - ---- INDIAN OIL Corporation Limited INDIAN OIL CORPORATION LIMITED
58. 04-May-2023 02:15 PM 05-Jun-2023 01:00 PM GEM/2023/B/3410761/6 procurement of Air compressors Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) NA
59. 04-May-2023 02:32 PM 05-Jun-2023 03:00 PM GEM/2023/B/3415046/1 Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Services for CCTV Surveillance System Indian Air Force Department of Military Affairs
60. 04-May-2023 05:16 PM 08-Jun-2023 12:00 PM GEM/2023/B/3402266/37 Electronic Charts and Planning System Indian Navy Department of Military Affairs