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Total Tenders : 227
Sl.No e-Published Date Bid Submission Closing Date Tender Opening Date Title/Ref.No./Tender Id Organisation Name Corrigendum
51. 13-Mar-2020 03:30 PM 30-Apr-2020 05:00 PM 01-May-2020 09:00 AM Double Acting Vertical Crank Press for Blanking and Cupping./111PMETT20000215/2020_DoDP_526946_1 Department of Defence Production --
52. 13-Mar-2020 03:00 PM 13-Apr-2020 03:00 PM 14-Apr-2020 03:00 PM CATALYST TUBE ASSEMBLY AND PIGTAILS/PRMM194104/2020_PR_114383_1 IndianOil
53. 13-Mar-2020 11:45 AM 15-Apr-2020 01:00 PM 21-Apr-2020 04:00 PM SUPPLY OF 57.3 MT ULTRA LOW CARBON STEEL CATHODE BAR/NBC/MM/PR 8000000496/CATHODE BAR/2020/PT/2020_NALCO_552166_1 National Aluminium Company Limited,NALCO --
54. 12-Mar-2020 06:40 PM 20-Apr-2020 03:00 PM 20-Apr-2020 03:30 PM Design, Engineering, Supply and Installation of Plant and Equipment on Turnkey basis for Pellet Plant Package of 2.0 MTPA Pellet Plant at Nagarnar/NMDC/HO/190/19-20/ET/952/2020_MECON_526705_1 MECON Limited --
55. 12-Mar-2020 06:00 PM 15-Apr-2020 11:30 AM 16-Apr-2020 11:30 AM Supply Installation and Commissioning of Gas chromatograph/PS-1/NC/199/ND/SPO/GT/19-20/RE/2020_CSIR_45659_1 Council of Scientific and Industrial Research --
56. 12-Mar-2020 06:00 PM 28-Apr-2020 03:00 PM 30-Apr-2020 03:00 PM DRDM19F129 Supply of Thermocouples and RTDs/DRDM19F129/2020_RND_114608_1 IndianOil
57. 12-Mar-2020 05:00 PM 15-Apr-2020 03:00 PM 16-Apr-2020 03:00 PM Procurement of Melted Additive Jacketed Metering Pumps/NCM1911106/2020_PR_114447_1 IndianOil
58. 12-Mar-2020 04:00 PM 10-Jun-2020 02:00 PM 11-Jun-2020 02:00 PM EPCC-01/IPPX-6394-8840-SC-051-0001/2020_REFHQ_114533_1 IndianOil
59. 12-Mar-2020 11:15 AM 22-Apr-2020 01:00 PM 23-Apr-2020 03:00 PM Procurement of Caustic soda Lye/NBC/MM/GTN/CSL-02/2020 dated 12.03.2020/2020_NALCO_551703_1 National Aluminium Company Limited,NALCO
60. 11-Mar-2020 06:00 PM 09-Apr-2020 12:30 PM 10-Apr-2020 12:30 PM SERVO CONTROLLED VOLTAGE STABILIZER/19TE320505/2020_DoDP_526193_1 Department of Defence Production --