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Sl.No e-Published Date Bid Submission Closing Date Tender Opening Date Title/Ref.No./Tender Id Organisation Name Corrigendum
4011. 10-Oct-2019 12:00 PM 16-Dec-2019 12:00 PM 17-Dec-2019 03:00 PM Strengthening and Improving the riding quality of the road stretch from Km,. 263.360 Km. Km. 279.400 (15.89 Km. length) in district Jaunpur, NH-233 (Pkg.-III), in the state of Uttar Pradesh/01/NHAI/PIU-VNS/NH-233/ 2019-20/2019_NHAI_33568_1 National Highways Authority of India
4012. 10-Oct-2019 10:00 AM 19-Dec-2019 03:30 PM 20-Dec-2019 04:30 PM Supply of Spares and Refurbishment/ Repair of 245kV Grading Capacitors installed at 400kV Switchyard of Indira Sagar Power Station, Narmada Nagar, Distt. Khandwa (M.P.)/NHDC/2/C/1232/19/3098-3104 dated 07/10/2019/2019_NHDC_509750_1 NHDC Ltd.
4013. 09-Oct-2019 06:55 PM 07-Jan-2020 11:30 AM 08-Jan-2020 11:30 AM PROCUREMENT OF BULLET RESISTANT JACKET LEVEL 4 AND 5/U.II.1269/2019-20-PROC-VII/2019_CRPF_509754_2 DG,CRPF,MHA
4014. 09-Oct-2019 06:55 PM 07-Jan-2020 11:30 AM 08-Jan-2020 11:30 AM PROCUREMENT OF BULLET RESISTANT JACKET LEVEL 4 AND 5/U.II.1269/2019-20-PROC-VII/2019_CRPF_509754_1 DG,CRPF,MHA
4015. 09-Oct-2019 06:00 PM 11-Jan-2020 06:00 PM 13-Jan-2020 11:00 AM 752729 PROVN OF DEF ACCN FOR OFFICERS OF ALL ARMS WING AT MCTE MHOW/752729/A/2019_MES_288305_1 E-IN-C BRANCH - MILITARY ENGINEER SERVICES
4016. 09-Oct-2019 05:30 PM 13-Dec-2019 03:00 PM 16-Dec-2019 03:00 PM Hiring two Nos 5 MT fork lifts at GCP/406/2019_HCL_33582_1 Hindustan Copper Limited
4017. 09-Oct-2019 05:00 PM 16-Dec-2019 03:00 PM 17-Dec-2019 03:00 PM Supply of CT and PT for 33kV and 11kV/JRMM185133/2019_JR_106180_1 IndianOil
4018. 09-Oct-2019 02:00 PM 14-Dec-2019 06:00 PM 16-Dec-2019 02:00 PM PROVISION OF OTM ACCN AT JAISALMER (JOB NO. S/2958)/800458/E8/2019_MES_288084_1 E-IN-C BRANCH - MILITARY ENGINEER SERVICES
4019. 08-Oct-2019 11:00 AM 16-Dec-2019 11:00 AM 17-Dec-2019 11:30 AM NIT for providing catering services in CBI HQR Canteen Delhi/18/1/98(Pt-13)-ADM-1/1930/2019_CBI_509467_1 Central Bureau of Investigation-DoPT
4020. 07-Oct-2019 06:25 PM 13-Jan-2020 11:00 AM 14-Jan-2020 12:00 PM RFP for Engagement of Project Management Consultant (PMC) for establishment of 20 Technology Centres across India/21/NTC/FG7/TMC5/PIA/2019/TCSP/2019_DC_509312_1 Development Commissioner(MSME)