Total Tenders : 34576

Organisation Name : Department of Posts

Sl.No e-Published Date Bid Submission Closing Date Tender Opening Date Title/Ref.No./Tender Id Organisation Name Corrigendum
34551. 09-Oct-2013 01:00 PM 07-Nov-2013 03:00 PM 08-Nov-2013 12:00 PM Hirring of commercial vehicles (TATA SUMO, BOLERO) Non A/C Department of Posts Bilaspur Dn. use/L2/NREGS/2013 Dt. 09-10-2013/2013_DOP_138273_1 Department of Posts
34552. 09-Oct-2013 12:00 PM 30-Oct-2013 05:00 PM 31-Oct-2013 02:00 PM Hiring of High Speed Remotely managed Franking Machines on Click Charge cum Maintenance basis/Tech/RMFMS/CC/2013Dated09.10.2013/2013_DOP_2355_2 Department of Posts --
34553. 09-Oct-2013 10:00 AM 21-Oct-2013 03:00 PM 21-Oct-2013 04:00 PM providing House Keeping Services in Directorate of Postal Life Insurance for a period of one year/23-04/2013-LI/2013_DOP_138120_1 Department of Posts --
34554. 09-Oct-2013 10:00 AM 18-Oct-2013 03:00 PM 18-Oct-2013 03:30 PM Provision of floor tiles/AE/PCSD/NIT/2013-14/2013_DOP_137885_1 Department of Posts --
34555. 09-Oct-2013 09:30 AM 17-Oct-2013 03:00 PM 17-Oct-2013 03:30 PM Tender for sale of old record/H2/20/iv/2013-14 DATED 01-10-2013/2013_DOP_138119_1 Department of Posts --
34556. 08-Oct-2013 04:30 PM 30-Oct-2013 10:30 AM 30-Oct-2013 11:00 AM H-8/I/MMS/2013-14/H-8/I/MMS/2013-2014 dated 08.10.2013/2013_DOP_138078_1 Department of Posts --
34557. 08-Oct-2013 04:15 PM 24-Oct-2013 01:00 PM 24-Oct-2013 02:00 PM PSD/VDR/Lptg/A-4/RP-70/2013-14/PSD/VDR/Lptg/A-4/RP-70/2013-14/2013_DOP_138057_1 Department of Posts --
34558. 08-Oct-2013 11:00 AM 11-Oct-2013 03:00 PM 11-Oct-2013 03:30 PM Providing EI and Fans at PMG Residence ( D II/120), KAKA NAGAR, New Delhi. (Short Notice)/26/EE/E/PED-II/ND/NIT/2013-14/980/2013_DOP_137778_1 Department of Posts --
34559. 08-Oct-2013 11:00 AM 15-Oct-2013 03:00 PM 15-Oct-2013 03:30 PM Providing Electrical and LAN works for decentralization of PLI at NDGPO New Delhi./25/EE/E/PED-II/ND/NIT/2013-14/979/2013_DOP_137780_1 Department of Posts --
34560. 08-Oct-2013 11:00 AM 24-Oct-2013 03:00 PM 24-Oct-2013 03:30 PM Reconstruction of collapsed compound wall of POs vacant land at College of Engineering Trivandrum./01/AEP II/TVM/13-14/2013_DOP_137832_1 Department of Posts --