Total Tenders: 38146

Organisation Name : Department of Posts

Sl.No e-Published Date Bid Submission Closing Date Tender Opening Date Title/Ref.No./Tender Id Organisation Name Corrigendum
51. 20-Feb-2024 06:00 PM 28-Feb-2024 11:00 AM 29-Feb-2024 11:30 AM Providing Electrical works under maintenance at National Parcel Hub, Mangalore HPO Building, Mangalore Division SK Region/110/EEE/PED/BGL/2023-24/2024_DOP_796600_1 Department of Posts --
52. 20-Feb-2024 05:40 PM 28-Feb-2024 11:00 AM 29-Feb-2024 11:30 AM Supply, Modernise,Testing and Commissioning of existing 1000 Kg Goods lift at Foreign Post Office, Chamarajpet, Bangalore, BG HQ Region 2nd call/109/EEE/PED/BGL/2023-24/2024_DOP_796590_1 Department of Posts --
53. 20-Feb-2024 05:30 PM 27-Feb-2024 03:00 PM 28-Feb-2024 03:30 PM White washing of las common room /recreation club/ SBCTD section and IA section at 1st floor of DAP Bldg. o/o GM PA and F, Delhi/16/AE-II/PCSD/2023-24/2024_DOP_796582_1 Department of Posts --
54. 20-Feb-2024 04:35 PM 26-Feb-2024 03:00 PM 27-Feb-2024 03:00 PM Construction of septic tank and allied sewerage disposal works i/c internal painting of Raniganj Ho under Asansol Division/26/2023-24/PCD-II/Kol/2024_DOP_796547_1 Department of Posts --
55. 20-Feb-2024 04:00 PM 27-Feb-2024 11:00 AM 28-Feb-2024 12:30 PM Comprehensive maintenance of EI and Fans i/c computer wiring,/242/EE/PED/KOL/NIT/2023-24/2024_DOP_796473_1 Department of Posts --
56. 20-Feb-2024 03:55 PM 27-Feb-2024 03:00 PM 28-Feb-2024 03:00 PM Misc. Civil repair work in RMS at NH-IV Faridabad/82/EE/PCDA/23-24/2024_DOP_796525_1 Department of Posts --
57. 20-Feb-2024 03:45 PM 27-Feb-2024 04:00 PM 28-Feb-2024 04:00 PM Replacement of faulty submersible pump and solar power system at various sites under Prayagraj abd Varanasi region/PEDL/NIT-73/23-24/D-763/2024_DOP_796521_1 Department of Posts --
58. 20-Feb-2024 03:00 PM 26-Feb-2024 03:00 PM 27-Feb-2024 03:00 PM Painting on walls and celling of corridor lobby staircase etc from 1st floor to 13th floor of Yogayog Bhawan Kolkata-12/25/2023-24/PCD-II/Kol/2024_DOP_796490_1 Department of Posts --
59. 20-Feb-2024 02:00 PM 26-Feb-2024 11:00 AM 27-Feb-2024 12:30 PM Repairing / Maintenance of existing Electrical Installation, Computer wiring, Panel, Compound Lights, Earthing, Signages etc at Ashoknagar PO - 743 222 Under Barasat Division./244/EE/PED/KOL/NIT/2023-24/2024_DOP_796470_1 Department of Posts --
60. 19-Feb-2024 06:00 PM 27-Feb-2024 11:00 AM 28-Feb-2024 12:30 PM Renovation of main distribution panel and EI of 6nos. Staffqtrs at HPO Campus,Chapara./17 /AE/PESD/NIT/PATNA/2023-24/2024_DOP_796373_1 Department of Posts --