Total Tenders : 31910

Organisation Name : Indian Oil Corporation Limited

Sl.No e-Published Date Bid Submission Closing Date Tender Opening Date Title/Ref.No./Tender Id Organisation Name Corrigendum
1. 05-Jul-2022 09:00 AM 19-Jul-2022 02:00 PM 20-Jul-2022 02:00 PM Civil Work for Biogas purification system at 5 TPD Biomethanation plant at IOCL Rand D Centre/RDPJCL107/2022_IOCL_667667_1 Indian Oil Corporation Limited --
2. 02-Jul-2022 02:40 PM 18-Jul-2022 05:00 PM 19-Jul-2022 03:00 PM Instrumentation service related control room jobs for Unit35 LFHU of Haldia Refinery/HRITS22L01/2022_IOCL_667542_1 Indian Oil Corporation Limited --
3. 23-Jun-2022 09:00 AM 20-Jul-2022 05:00 PM 22-Jul-2022 03:00 PM Vendor empanelment for sourcing of DeMet and Grading bed catalysts for hydrotreating units/RNDEOI2202/2022_IOCL_665776_1 Indian Oil Corporation Limited
4. 21-Jun-2022 02:00 PM 05-Jul-2022 03:00 PM 05-Jul-2022 03:30 PM PDR/EOI/21-22/01/PDR/EOI/22-23/01/2022_IOCL_665703_1 Indian Oil Corporation Limited --
5. 21-Jun-2022 12:00 PM 29-Jun-2022 12:00 PM 29-Jun-2022 01:00 PM Supply of Cello Tape as per tender terms and Specifications/CRYO_LT_CC2223003/2022_IOCL_665671_1 Indian Oil Corporation Limited --
6. 08-Jun-2022 04:00 PM 15-Jun-2022 02:00 PM 16-Jun-2022 03:00 PM Contract for Expert Services of M/s Valtech Engineering for installation of expansion joint at IndFCCU BGR./BN22SA002/2022_IOCL_663742_1 Indian Oil Corporation Limited --
7. 02-Jun-2022 06:00 PM 17-Jun-2022 02:00 PM 17-Jun-2022 03:30 PM Calibration of Instruments under NABL Scope by an NABL Accredited Calibration Agency/RDIN22NABL/2022_IOCL_662910_1 Indian Oil Corporation Limited --
8. 31-May-2022 03:30 PM 14-Jun-2022 03:30 PM 14-Jun-2022 04:00 PM SUPPLY, INSTALLATION AND COMMISSIONING OF TEMPERATURE TRANSMITTERS FOR BOOSTER PUMPS AT PHBPL PARADIP/SERPL/PDP/PHB/TI/2022-23/01/2022_IOCL_662483_1 Indian Oil Corporation Limited --
9. 26-May-2022 03:45 PM 09-Jun-2022 12:00 PM 09-Jun-2022 03:30 PM Rectification of faulty cable and malfunctioning components in electrical panel with emergency lighting Installation at RCP 1 under PHBPL,Paradip./PE 22-23/08/2022_IOCL_661859_1 Indian Oil Corporation Limited --
10. 24-May-2022 12:00 PM 07-Jun-2022 12:00 PM 07-Jun-2022 03:30 PM Digitization and ation of documents at SERPL Paradip Office/SERPL/PHBPL/PDP/22-23/Misc./2022_IOCL_661372_1 Indian Oil Corporation Limited --