Total Tenders: 32170

Organisation Name : Indian Oil Corporation Limited

Sl.No e-Published Date Bid Submission Closing Date Tender Opening Date Title/Ref.No./Tender Id Organisation Name Corrigendum
1. 25-May-2024 12:00 PM 10-Jun-2024 05:30 PM 11-Jun-2024 09:00 AM Supply and Installation of Light Block Out Blinds for Windows in VFD, SCADA, and PLC Rooms to Avoid Loss of Cooling Due to Entry of Light at SERPL, Vijayawada Station/SERPL/PHPL/VJA/CIV/1.0/2024_IOCL_757570_1 Indian Oil Corporation Limited --
2. 20-May-2024 11:35 AM 03-Jun-2024 03:00 PM 04-Jun-2024 03:00 PM Printing and Supply of Telephone directories for the year 2024 25 at IOCL, Haldia Refinery/RHELPT2502/2024_IOCL_757032_1 Indian Oil Corporation Limited --
3. 20-May-2024 11:30 AM 03-Jun-2024 03:00 PM 04-Jun-2024 03:00 PM GE make ACB servicing and overhauling job at Haldia Refinery/RHELPT2501/2024_IOCL_757027_1 Indian Oil Corporation Limited --
4. 10-May-2024 03:15 PM 23-May-2024 02:00 PM 23-May-2024 03:00 PM Analyzer Shelter maintenance and AMC for Flame Proof Air Conditioners at Haldia Refinery./HRITM24H02/2024_IOCL_755980_1 Indian Oil Corporation Limited --
5. 09-May-2024 05:00 PM 23-May-2024 06:55 PM 24-May-2024 12:00 PM Replacement of Floor Panels/SERPL/PRRPL/JSG/OPS/01(24-25)/2024_IOCL_755747_1 Indian Oil Corporation Limited --
6. 02-May-2024 12:05 PM 15-May-2024 02:00 PM 15-May-2024 03:00 PM Misc Panel related jobs for PDB panel preparation at FOB for Unit wise UPS power segregation/HRITS24F01/2024_IOCL_755043_1 Indian Oil Corporation Limited --
7. 02-May-2024 11:45 AM 15-May-2024 02:00 PM 15-May-2024 03:00 PM Misc Instrumentation job under EMOC 3077, WSA Bay instrument shifting to ground level/HRITS24O04/2024_IOCL_755037_1 Indian Oil Corporation Limited --
8. 25-Apr-2024 04:00 PM 17-May-2024 09:00 AM 20-May-2024 04:00 PM Mechanical lubricator spares/DMD23S265E/2024_IOCL_753940_1 Indian Oil Corporation Limited --
9. 16-Apr-2024 09:00 AM 30-Apr-2024 06:00 PM 01-May-2024 09:00 AM Repair and renovation of primary separators in belt skimmers at PHBPL Paradip/PHBPL/ME/2024-25/01/2024_IOCL_753317_1 Indian Oil Corporation Limited --
10. 15-Apr-2024 05:00 PM 30-Apr-2024 03:00 PM 30-Apr-2024 03:30 PM Maintenance works at CNG Retail outlets./CGD/Guntur/2024-25/01/2024_IOCL_753350_1 Indian Oil Corporation Limited --