Total Tenders: 179

Organisation Name : Ministry of Coal

Sl.No e-Published Date Bid Submission Closing Date Tender Opening Date Title/Ref.No./Tender Id Organisation Name Corrigendum
1. 20-Jun-2023 02:00 PM 19-Jul-2023 06:00 PM 20-Jul-2023 12:00 PM Engagement of experienced, dedicated, knowledgable and hard-working professionals in the O/o NA/No. NA-410/3/2020-NA/2023_MoC_715970_1 Ministry of Coal --
2. 11-Mar-2022 05:40 PM 11-Apr-2022 02:00 PM 12-Apr-2022 03:00 PM Inviting bids for the supply of Newspapers/Magazines/Journals in Ministry of Coal- reg./D-24015/1/2022-ADMIN/2022_MoC_651185_1 Ministry of Coal
3. 07-Feb-2022 01:00 PM 02-Mar-2022 05:00 PM 03-Mar-2022 02:00 PM Application for engagement of consultants in Ministry of Coal, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi/A 41/1/2021-Establishment/2022_MoC_645620_1 Ministry of Coal --
4. 24-Dec-2021 02:00 PM 24-Jan-2022 09:00 AM 24-Jan-2022 03:00 PM Application for Engagement of Consultants in Ministry of Coal, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi/A 41/1/2021-Establishment/2021_MoC_639395_1 Ministry of Coal --
5. 20-Dec-2021 04:10 PM 03-Jan-2022 02:00 PM 03-Jan-2022 03:30 PM Washing of towels, Car Seat Cover, Sofa Cover etc. for use in the Ministry of Coal/Admn-D-43/6/2017-ADMIN/2021_MoC_638642_1 Ministry of Coal --
6. 06-Dec-2021 04:00 PM 15-Dec-2021 02:30 PM 15-Dec-2021 05:00 PM E-Auction Notice for Auction of Govt. Condemned Vehicle No. DL1CP 2749-reg./Admn-D-26017/1/2019-ADMIN/2021_MoC_636384_2 Ministry of Coal --
7. 18-Oct-2021 06:00 PM 26-Oct-2021 05:30 PM 26-Oct-2021 05:30 PM E-Auction of E-waste and other items in the Ministry of Coal/AdD-27013/1/2021-Admin/2021_MoC_629098_1 Ministry of Coal --
8. 07-Oct-2021 05:00 PM 27-Oct-2021 02:00 PM 27-Oct-2021 03:00 PM Repair and Maintenance of Furniture and Fixture installed in the Ministry with Labour Charges/Admin-D-24012/2/2018-Admin/2021_MoC_627584_1 Ministry of Coal --
9. 09-Jul-2021 04:00 PM 09-Aug-2021 01:00 PM 09-Aug-2021 04:00 PM Engagement of Consultant in the Ministry of Coal./A-41/1/2021-Establishment/2021_MoC_613685_1 Ministry of Coal --
10. 25-Jun-2021 06:00 PM 24-Jul-2021 05:00 PM 26-Jul-2021 02:00 PM Invitation of applications for appointment as Young Professionals in Ministry of Coal, New Delhi/A-12021/1/2020-Establishment/2021_MoC_611453_1 Ministry of Coal --