Total Tenders : 21

Organisation Name : Textiles Committee

Sl.No e-Published Date Bid Submission Closing Date Tender Opening Date Title/Ref.No./Tender Id Organisation Name Corrigendum
1. 27-Nov-2020 02:00 PM 17-Dec-2020 05:00 PM 18-Dec-2020 05:00 PM Request for Proposal for Empanelment of Training of Trainer Agencies for Up-Skilling/Re-Skilling ToT under Samarth/RSA/ToT/Upskilling/Reskilling/2020_TXTLS_597379_1 Textiles Committee --
2. 11-Mar-2020 06:00 PM 20-Apr-2020 04:40 PM 21-Apr-2020 04:40 PM Purchase of polyester printed taffeta labels/101(4)/2019/HLM05/PTL/2020_TXTLS_551727_1 Textiles Committee
3. 11-Jun-2019 05:00 PM 08-Jul-2019 04:30 PM 09-Jul-2019 04:30 PM Purchase of printed taffeta labels (PTL)/101(4)/2018/HLM-5 PTL/2019_TXTLS_476815_1 Textiles Committee
4. 11-Jun-2019 05:00 PM 08-Jul-2019 04:30 PM 09-Jul-2019 05:00 PM Supply of Printed Taffeta Label (PTL- IR)/101(4)/2018/HLM-5 PTL-IR/2019_TXTLS_476986_1 Textiles Committee
5. 16-Jan-2019 12:00 PM 04-Feb-2019 12:00 PM 05-Feb-2019 12:00 PM Procurement of FTIR- 2 Nos./TC/LAB/16/18-(13-16)/2019_TXTLS_431410_1 Textiles Committee
6. 14-Dec-2018 09:00 AM 04-Jan-2019 06:00 PM 07-Jan-2019 11:00 AM Invitation of Expression of Interest (EoI)for Build Operate and Maintain online Assessment System /SAMARTH/RSA-AAC/13A/2018/2018_TXTLS_418229_1 Textiles Committee --
7. 05-Nov-2018 10:00 AM 07-Dec-2018 06:00 PM 10-Dec-2018 03:00 PM Providing Housekeeping services to the estates of the Textiles Committee, Mumbai for the period of 1 year./51/17/2018-AD/2018_TXTLS_403462_1 Textiles Committee --
8. 08-Oct-2018 06:00 PM 14-Nov-2018 06:00 PM 16-Nov-2018 12:00 PM Catering Services in staff canteen of Textiles Committee, Prabhadevi, Mumbai for the period of 24 months./166/1/2004-AD/2018_TXTLS_392962_1 Textiles Committee --
9. 21-Aug-2018 05:00 PM 24-Sep-2018 06:00 PM 26-Sep-2018 11:00 AM Supply , Installation, Testing and Commissioning of one 16.5 TR air-cooled package air conditioner unit for the ductable system of Air conditioning on the 3rd floor of the Textiles Committee, Prabhadevi, Mumbai./28/26/2015-AD/2018_TXTLS_374574_1 Textiles Committee --
10. 13-Nov-2017 05:00 PM 04-Dec-2017 04:30 PM 06-Dec-2017 11:00 AM PURCHASE OF PRINTED TAFFETA LABELS ON RATE CONTRACT BASIS FOR THE PERIOD OF ONE YEAR/104(4)/2015/HLM/05-Vol XIA/2017_TXTLS_267339_1 Textiles Committee