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Total Tenders : 31788
Sl.No e-Published Date Bid Submission Closing Date Tender Opening Date Title/Ref.No./Tender Id Organisation Name Corrigendum
21631. 31-May-2021 03:15 PM 22-Jun-2021 11:00 AM 23-Jun-2021 11:30 AM Explosive Handling Platform as per specification/HEMRL/22ATT021/LP/2021_DRDO_446440_1 Department of Defence Research and Development --
21632. 31-May-2021 03:14 PM 22-Jun-2021 03:00 PM 22-Jun-2021 03:00 PM Udhna - Ukai Songhad : Need based repairs on day to day basis for 2 years under ADEN-VYA./BCT-21-22-56/58310618 Ministry of Railways --
21633. 31-May-2021 03:11 PM 24-Jun-2021 03:00 PM 24-Jun-2021 03:00 PM Conservancy contract for daily removal of solid waste/rubbish/refuse/ hedge cuttings etc. from the dustbins/heaps or nominated sites of Railway Colonies at Zone B DEE Area (as per list enclosed) with contractor s own labour and with his own truck/tempo or any other mechanized means and to dump the same into the Municipal Corporation dumping grounds everyday by 09.00hrs, and keeping the area in and 3 meter around the dustbins clean and hygienic with contractor s own labour/31-MED-SAN-ZONE-B/58425096 Ministry of Railways --
21634. 31-May-2021 03:11 PM 24-Jun-2021 02:30 PM 24-Jun-2021 02:30 PM POLYIMIDE COVERED COPPER CONDUCTOR/40211185/105525508 Ministry of Railways --
21635. 31-May-2021 03:10 PM 30-Jun-2021 03:00 PM 30-Jun-2021 03:00 PM Supply, installation, wiring, testing & commissioning of Video Surveillance System at stations (GAR, NU, MML & KMZ) of Jabalpur division of West Central Railway./JBP-N-TELE-TENDER-2021-2/57561328 Ministry of Railways --
21636. 31-May-2021 03:10 PM 21-Jun-2021 02:00 PM 22-Jun-2021 02:00 PM Supply of Uniform Cloth for Male and Female Employees for the Year 2022/C04D210049/2021_DGMMC_8066_1 CPCL,DGM(M and C)
21637. 31-May-2021 03:09 PM 22-Jun-2021 11:00 AM 22-Jun-2021 11:00 AM Digital Ultrasonic Testing Equipment for welded rail joints with coloured LCD TFT screen, trigonometrical function & A-Scan storage along with data setup as per RDSO specification No. M&C/NDT/129/2005, Rev-II. Aug 2014 with standard accessories/W628-03-20-25A/58260984 Ministry of Railways --
21638. 31-May-2021 03:08 PM 22-Jun-2021 11:59 PM 23-Jun-2021 08:00 AM Union/HAL/BKP/92018868/1/21/1 Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
21639. 31-May-2021 03:07 PM 14-Jun-2021 11:30 AM 14-Jun-2021 11:30 AM Filter Kit for Cummins Engine/39215264/105526831 Ministry of Railways --
21640. 31-May-2021 03:07 PM 25-Jun-2021 02:00 PM 25-Jun-2021 02:00 PM ZONE 16 ( GENERAL ZONE , BRIDGE ZONE, ROAD ZONE) UNDER AEN/BWN, PE 30.06.2022. Repairs & Maintenance of Diesel Shed, Malaria colony, Traffic colony, Health unit, ATP School, Loco traffic running room, Loco Shed, Loco yard, RPF barracks, Ambagan Colony, Officer s Colony, Loco Colony, RE Colony, etc. at Burdwan & from Burdwan (excluding) to Balgona including all stations, service buildings, colonies, level crossings, formation, roads and bridges in the jurisdiction of AEN/BWN/38_2021-22_Zone/58422404 Ministry of Railways --