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Sl.No e-Published Date Bid Submission Closing Date Tender Opening Date Title/Ref.No./Tender Id State Name Corrigendum
1. 17-Jun-2024 06:55 PM 24-Jun-2024 06:55 PM 27-Jun-2024 11:00 AM Construction of 5 Nos Collection Platform, Silt Chamber with Community Leach Pit ( 15 HH )and One nos Filtration Chamber under Arjunpur IMIS Village under Layekbandh GP as per Model Estimate./6/B/SMB(G)/LAYEKBANDH/2024-25 Date-14.06.2024/2024_ZPHD_694022_1 West Bengal --
2. 17-Jun-2024 06:55 PM 22-Jun-2024 06:55 PM 25-Jun-2024 11:30 AM INSTALLATION OF SOLAR SUIBMERSIBLE PUMP AT NANDAI PURBA FP SCHOOL AT NANDAI PURBA SANSAD (Activity Code- 90712755)/NGP/15th CFC/047 14/6/24/2024_ZPHD_694849_2 West Bengal --
3. 17-Jun-2024 06:55 PM 09-Jul-2024 02:00 PM 11-Jul-2024 03:00 PM Construction of Adibasi Residential School in Santhali Medium at Ichahar Mouza JL No 148 Plot No 135 380 under Gazole Block in the District of Malda/WB PWD/SS/SE/NC/NIT- 01(e)/ 2024-2025/2024_WBPWD_690386_1 West Bengal --
4. 17-Jun-2024 06:55 PM 09-Jul-2024 02:00 PM 11-Jul-2024 04:00 PM Civil O and M Services of Super Speciality Block SSB at North Bengal Medical College and Hospital Sushrutanagar Darjeeling Part B Repair and Maintenance of different buildings of Super Speciality Block at NBMCH Civil Works/WB PWD/SS/SE/NC/NIT- 02(e)/ 2024-2025/2024_WBPWD_691207_1 West Bengal --
5. 17-Jun-2024 06:55 PM 22-Jun-2024 06:55 PM 25-Jun-2024 11:30 AM INSTALLATION OF SOLAR SUIBMERSIBLE PUMP NEAR SAHEB MALLIK HOUSE AT PARDUPSA SANSAD (Activity Code-90756957)/NGP/15th CFC/047 14/6/24/2024_ZPHD_694849_1 West Bengal --
6. 17-Jun-2024 06:50 PM 15-Jul-2024 04:00 PM 15-Jul-2024 04:30 PM Supply of Mooring Accessories for Fish Aggregating Device (FAD)/LD-13004/1/2023/2024_UTL_2634_1 Lakshadweep UT --
7. 17-Jun-2024 06:45 PM 24-Jun-2024 12:00 PM 24-Jun-2024 03:00 PM ET No. 131/W/EUDC/SRE/2023-24/ET No. 131/W/EUDC/SRE/2023-24/2024_PVVNL_922076_5 Uttar Pradesh --
8. 17-Jun-2024 06:40 PM 24-Jun-2024 06:00 PM 25-Jun-2024 06:00 PM Special Repair to Water supply Scheme/B-01/01/2024-25/2024_GADCH_1039266_3 Maharashtra --
9. 17-Jun-2024 06:40 PM 22-Jun-2024 06:40 PM 24-Jun-2024 09:00 AM UNDER GROUND DRAINAGE SYSTEM WORKS AT. VILLAGE ZALTA TQ. AND DIST. CHHATRAPATI SAMBHAJINAGAR/GP/ET/GRAM NIDHI/DRAIN/TS. NO 541/2024_AURAN_1040510_2 Maharashtra --
10. 17-Jun-2024 06:35 PM 24-Jun-2024 11:00 AM 24-Jun-2024 04:00 PM CONSTRUCTION OF PWD NABL LABORATORY BUILDING AT DAUSA/NIT 04/2024-25 EE PWD Dn Dausa/2024_CEPWD_395448_1 Rajasthan --