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Total Tenders : 34999
Sl.No e-Published Date Bid Submission Closing Date Tender Opening Date Title/Ref.No./Tender Id Organisation Name Corrigendum
33291. 03-Jun-2024 02:00 PM 22-Jul-2024 10:00 AM 23-Jul-2024 10:30 AM Vacuum Induction Furnace for Single Crystal Casting/DMRL/25FET005/CP/2024_DRDO_657427_1 Department of Defence Research and Development Icon Image
33292. 03-Jun-2024 01:34 PM 22-Jul-2024 02:25 PM 22-Jul-2024 02:25 PM Swing door bolt guide/37242990/106364719 Ministry of Railways --
33293. 03-Jun-2024 01:28 PM 20-Aug-2024 02:25 PM 20-Aug-2024 02:25 PM Ladder assembly/37242828/106364699 Ministry of Railways --
33294. 03-Jun-2024 01:16 PM 16-Jul-2024 02:25 PM 16-Jul-2024 02:25 PM Narrow jaw adapter./37241966/106362000 Ministry of Railways --
33295. 03-Jun-2024 01:15 PM 19-Aug-2024 02:25 PM 19-Aug-2024 02:25 PM Door hand hold for BOXNHL wagon/37243031/106364647 Ministry of Railways --
33296. 03-Jun-2024 01:08 PM 19-Aug-2024 02:25 PM 19-Aug-2024 02:25 PM Bush for brake block/37242758/106364623 Ministry of Railways --
33297. 03-Jun-2024 01:00 PM 25-Jul-2024 03:00 PM 25-Jul-2024 03:30 PM E-Tender for the appointment of GST consultant for Railway Board (Ministry of Railways),New Delhi/2024/IRCTC/CO/Finance/GST/2024_IRCTC_758571_1 Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corpn Ltd Icon Image
33298. 03-Jun-2024 12:46 PM 06-Aug-2024 02:25 PM 06-Aug-2024 02:25 PM Pin flat head (type-A)/37241806/106364566 Ministry of Railways --
33299. 03-Jun-2024 12:44 PM 18-Jul-2024 12:30 PM 18-Jul-2024 12:30 PM Manufacture & Supply of 1-in-8½ BG 60kg Weldable CMS Crossing on PSC sleepers in accordance with RDSO s standard drawing No. T-6441./8123WCRTP-62A/75363252 Ministry of Railways --
33300. 03-Jun-2024 12:38 PM 01-Aug-2024 12:30 PM 01-Aug-2024 12:30 PM IOH kit for Pantograph type IR01/PAN01/E/67241072/106362733 Ministry of Railways --