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Total Tenders : 35074
Sl.No e-Published Date Bid Submission Closing Date Tender Opening Date Title/Ref.No./Tender Id Organisation Name Corrigendum
34521. 06-May-2024 11:58 AM 14-Aug-2024 11:30 AM 14-Aug-2024 11:30 AM HEX HEAD SCREW M10X40 HIGH TENSILE/13241130/106337447 Ministry of Railways --
34522. 06-May-2024 11:00 AM 25-Jul-2024 03:00 PM 26-Jul-2024 03:30 PM Treatment Planning System for External Beam Radiotherapy for Photons and Electrons/TMH/TMH/2024-25/CAP/CP/0014/2024_TMC_805933_1 Tata Memorial Centre Icon Image
34523. 05-May-2024 07:08 PM 15-Jul-2024 11:30 AM 15-Jul-2024 11:30 AM Paint Enamel interior Undercoating White to RDSO Specn No. M&C/PCN/120/2020 (Rev. 1) with RDSO Amndt. No. 1B as an additional requirement, Packed in 20 Ltrs. new & sound non returnable M. S. Drums to IS:2552/1989 with amndt.1 of April 1999. Grade B-1(Reaffirmed 2006)./28230649/106332846 Ministry of Railways --
34524. 04-May-2024 09:26 PM 19-Jul-2024 02:00 PM 19-Jul-2024 02:00 PM LED Based Twin Beam Head Light/29240047/106337178 Ministry of Railways --
34525. 04-May-2024 05:00 PM 19-Jul-2024 02:30 PM 20-Jul-2024 03:00 PM Annual Maintenance Contract for 01 No Hydraulic Platform HP of make Bronto Sky Lift, Finland at IOCLPanipat/9065C24C12/2024_PR_177069_1 IndianOil Icon Image
34526. 04-May-2024 04:16 PM 09-Sep-2024 11:00 AM 09-Sep-2024 11:00 AM SNUBBER CIRCUIT./19240790/106337138 Ministry of Railways --
34527. 04-May-2024 04:12 PM 12-Aug-2024 11:00 AM 12-Aug-2024 11:00 AM SELF-ALIGNING BALL BEARING SKF NO. 2204 OR EQUIVALENT FOR AUXILIARY MACHINES OF ELECTRIC LOCOMOTIVES./19244420/106337137 Ministry of Railways --
34528. 04-May-2024 04:05 PM 09-Sep-2024 11:00 AM 09-Sep-2024 11:00 AM SELF-ALIGNING BALL BEARING SKF NO. 1305 OR EQUIVALENT FOR AUXILIARY MACHINES OF ELECTRIC LOCOMOTIVES/19241243/106337133 Ministry of Railways --
34529. 04-May-2024 03:49 PM 02-Sep-2024 11:00 AM 02-Sep-2024 11:00 AM SINGLE ROW DEEP GROOVE BALL BEARING SIZE 30X72X19MM WIDTH SKF NO. 6306C3 OR FAG NO. 6306C3 OR EQUIVALENT FOR AUXILIARY MACHINES OF ELECTRIC LOCOMOTIVES./19244410/106337120 Ministry of Railways --
34530. 04-May-2024 03:40 PM 29-Jul-2024 11:00 AM 29-Jul-2024 11:00 AM DUPLEX PRESSURE GAUGE FOR MR AND FP FOR 3-PHASE LOCO AS PER CLW DRG.NO. 1209-18-306-223 OR LATEST SPECIFICATION NO. CLW/TS/99/CF-3 ALT-5 OR LATEST/19240685A/106337117 Ministry of Railways --