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Total Tenders : 42280
Sl.No e-Published Date Bid Submission Closing Date Tender Opening Date Title/Ref.No./Tender Id Organisation Name Corrigendum
36451. 31-Jan-2020 04:17 PM 24-Feb-2020 02:30 PM 24-Feb-2020 02:30 PM Gold Plated Silver Medal/90191084/105263803 Ministry of Railways --
36452. 31-Jan-2020 04:15 PM 06-Mar-2020 05:00 PM 09-Mar-2020 11:00 AM Supply of Laptop/CITD/Pur/19-20/Supply of Laptop/2020_DC_540744_1 Development Commissioner(MSME) --
36453. 31-Jan-2020 04:15 PM 22-Feb-2020 03:00 PM 24-Feb-2020 03:00 PM Supply of Compressor Tablet Machine in Dept. of Pharmaceutical Engg. and Tech., IIT (BHU), Varanasi/IIT (BHU)/PH/FY/2019-20/QTN/M/92/2020_IITBU_540738_1 Indian Institute of Technology(BHU) Varanasi --
36454. 31-Jan-2020 04:14 PM 25-Feb-2020 02:00 PM 25-Feb-2020 02:00 PM DIFFERENT TYPE OF MEDICINES/82191951/52861792 Ministry of Railways --
36455. 31-Jan-2020 04:12 PM 27-Feb-2020 02:00 PM 27-Feb-2020 02:00 PM Hiring of road Vehicles for transportation of various track and other Railway materials on a regular basis for day to day maintenance of track in the section of SSE(P.WAY)/NHT & SSE(P.WAY)/PKR under AEN/RPH for a period of 03 (Three)years./341_2019-20/52733069 Ministry of Railways --
36456. 31-Jan-2020 04:11 PM 24-Feb-2020 01:30 PM 24-Feb-2020 01:30 PM Procurement of S-Trap for 150 mm lavatory pan etc./53205037/105263778 Ministry of Railways --
36457. 31-Jan-2020 04:11 PM 10-Mar-2020 03:00 PM 10-Mar-2020 03:00 PM Maintenance of Running Room activities at Krishnapur including cleaning & supply of subsidized meal (Lunch/Dinner/Tiffin)(Veg./Non-Veg) cleaning and serving to Running staff and gardening for a period of 20 months i.e.600days/OP-SDAH-OT-20-002/52835961 Ministry of Railways --
36458. 31-Jan-2020 04:11 PM 24-Feb-2020 02:00 PM 24-Feb-2020 02:00 PM National Flag/29205031/105264360 Ministry of Railways --
36459. 31-Jan-2020 04:10 PM 24-Feb-2020 01:30 PM 24-Feb-2020 01:30 PM Procurement of PINs [Electroplated] etc./53205036/105263776 Ministry of Railways --
36460. 31-Jan-2020 04:10 PM 25-Feb-2020 11:00 AM 25-Feb-2020 11:00 AM Printed Combined Signaled ON Register containing 200 leaves plus 04 end leaves. Finished size 42.6 cm X 29.8 cm/18201005A/105264323 Ministry of Railways --