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Total Tenders : 34694
Sl.No e-Published Date Bid Submission Closing Date Tender Opening Date Title/Ref.No./Tender Id Organisation Name Corrigendum
51. 07-Jul-2022 06:45 PM 06-Aug-2022 11:00 AM 08-Aug-2022 12:00 PM Restoration of Rutting/NHAI/PIU-Gwl/Shiv-Jhansi/2022/2022_NHAI_121661_1 National Highways Authority of India --
52. 07-Jul-2022 06:45 PM 13-Jul-2022 03:30 PM 14-Jul-2022 03:30 PM Procurement Of Spares of 220v CHP Chloride make chargers For NTPC/NTPC/USSC-CPG3/9900242987/2022_NTPC_66121_1 NTPC Limited --
53. 07-Jul-2022 06:45 PM 13-Jul-2022 03:30 PM 14-Jul-2022 03:30 PM Procurement of Vertive Make 24VDC Charger Spares For NTPC Kudgi./NTPC/USSC-CPG3/9900242989/2022_NTPC_66127_1 NTPC Limited --
54. 07-Jul-2022 06:45 PM 12-Jul-2022 06:55 PM 13-Jul-2022 06:55 PM 448/29/NOIC(WBG)/22-23/448/29/NOIC(WBG)/NOM/22-23/2022_NAVY_536486_1 IHQ of MOD (Navy) --
55. 07-Jul-2022 06:45 PM 23-Aug-2022 05:00 PM 24-Aug-2022 05:30 PM Supervision Consultant Services for Rectification work of Blackspot location at Sundari, Kishanbazar, Manikpur and Operation and Maintenance of package AS-11,AS-10,AS-09 and AS-08/07/07/SC/BON/2022_NHAI_121662_1 National Highways Authority of India --
56. 07-Jul-2022 06:45 PM 14-Jul-2022 11:00 AM 15-Jul-2022 11:00 AM Procurement of Flow Divider Spares on Single Tender, Proprietary Basis From M/s SCHERZINGER PUMPEN GMBH AND CO.KG. at IOCL Paradip Refinery/PDR22M7240/2022_PDR_153405_1 IndianOil --
57. 07-Jul-2022 06:45 PM 13-Jul-2022 03:30 PM 14-Jul-2022 03:30 PM Procurement of 04 no. Hydro static Shaft seal cooling water booster/NTPC/USSC-CPG3/9900243234/2022_NTPC_66168_1 NTPC Limited --
58. 07-Jul-2022 06:45 PM 23-Jul-2022 06:00 PM 25-Jul-2022 10:00 AM Operation and Maintenance of E and M installation at Sharad Prasad, Kanak Prasad, Dhamra (FY 2022-23), CCE(R and D)E/ENQ-23/OM/BLS/2022-23/CCE(R and D)E/ENQ-23/OM/BLS/2022-23/2022_DRDO_698736_1 Defence Research and Development Organisation --
59. 07-Jul-2022 06:40 PM 20-Jul-2022 11:00 AM 21-Jul-2022 11:00 AM WEBSITEMAINTENANCE/GEXCOMSYSWEBS192020/2022_DREV_699158_1 Department of Revenue --
60. 07-Jul-2022 06:39 PM 15-Jul-2022 03:00 PM 15-Jul-2022 03:30 PM 01/EE/IIM/JPD/2022-23/01/EE/IIM/JPD/2022-23/12520 Central Public Works Department (CPWD) --